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Molly Indura, Mystic and Master Teacher will empower you in living your highest path of purpose,  joy, and embodiment.

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  You are in the right place at the right time

to enable yourself to wake up

and live your life purpose with more

joy, grace and ease than you imagine.

 Path of progression for most seekers:

Start with the POWER bundle!  Get clear with a cord cutting, cut out the drama with an Isis healing and Step up your power big time with a 24 strand DNA Activation with Photon Booster!   ($350. for all three!)

Emotional Cord Cutting  Free yourself of emotional connections that no longer serve you. An example of this would be cords that tie you to a past romantic relationship.  You don’t even need to be in a relationship to cord with someone. You can become corded from sexual contact or even a deep kiss. This means you may still be feeding energy to people from your past. Once you get your cords cut, that energy that you were once giving away can now be used to feed your own life or a new relationship.  The cord cutting frees you from the negative effects of these draining exchanges. $111.00 ($50 with a Life Diagnostic, DNA Activation or Isis healing)

Isis Healing – Using the energy of Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this alignment will bring forth a death and rebirth within your emotional body. People often have more energy and vitality, use more of their brain, and feel a significant difference in their mental state and in their ability to perceive the world around them. $150.00

DNA Activation – Activate the other 90% of your potential as a divine being in a human body!  Essential for Lightworkers. $225. 

Life Diagnostic and Full System Troubleshootingthis gets you clear of your current layer, removes any structural issues and gets you connected to Yourself, Earth and Source.

Initiation – Dedicate yourself into the Light.  Get aligned and related to the Hierarchy of Light to receive more power and support to wake up and become more efficient at fulfilling your purpose in the world.

Clairvoyant BasicsDiscernment is Queen!  Get tuned into the deeper levels of reality and the truth of all things by awakening your inner vision.

White Raven Mystery School of Divine Embodiment (coming soon!)  – Now it’s time to complete your past and embody your divine self.  This program will get you related to yourself in ways in which you didn’t even know you existed!   A full year long journey of awakening and embodiment will be available soon which will include online courses and 2-4 in person weekend retreats with guided experiences, intiations and activations to move you from one level of consciousness to another.

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