Be the Light You Wish to See in the World!

Molly Indura, Mystic, Master Teacher will empower you in living your highest path of purpose,  joy, and embodiment.

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  You are in the right place at the right time

to enable yourself to wake up

and live your life purpose with more

joy, grace and ease than you imagine.

 Path of progression for most seekers:

Life Diagnostic and Full System Troubleshooting – this gets you clear of your current layer, removes any structural issues and gets you connected to Yourself, Earth and Source.

DNA Activation – Activate the other 90% of your potential as a divine being in a human body!  Essential for Lightworkers.

Initiation – Dedicate yourself into the Light.  Get aligned and related to the Hierarchy of Light to receive more power and support to wake up and become more efficient at fulfilling your purpose in the world.

Clairvoyant BasicsDiscernment is Queen!  Get tuned into the deeper levels of reality and the truth of all things by awakening your inner vision.

Codex of Embodiment  – Now it’s time to complete your past and embody your divine self.  This program will get you related to yourself in ways in which you didn’t even know you existed!  Details of this program are currently unfolding, mini-courses are now available.  A full year long journey of awakening and embodiment will be available soon which will include online courses and 2 in person weekend retreats with activations to move you from one level of consciousness to another.

Current  Course Offerings:

Level 1 -Click for more

Level 1 -Click for more

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Healing Tarot Class Click for more...

Healing Tarot Click for more

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Be The Light!
Getting to know and interact with Molly Ann Indura has been a wonderful journey. She has many talents and gifts, which she kindly shares. I have come to appreciate her passion and the effort she makes to understand and relate to each individual that she touches. Molly is open to new learning and different approaches in the pursuit of knowledge. As she seeks to personally develop and grow, she remains willing to help others grow. Interacting with Molly is a pleasure and a blessing.