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Be the Light is a resource for clarity, healing, and connection to yourself which will call you forth to live your highest path of purpose and joy.

I am here to empower you to get and stay clear on that path so that you fulfill your mission powerfully and with more joy, grace and ease than you imagine.  I do this through clairvoyant energy healing and transformational creativity.   For those that are called to deeper study, I train clairvoyant healers with the See the Light Inner Sight System that I developed.

The best place to start for most people is with the Life Diagnostic and Full System Troubleshooting, a reading and healing session that looks at your whole being from your connection to the Earth, your aura and chakras on each level, your physical body all the way up to your higher dimensions. I check to see where you are out of alighnment or not clear and I clear out the blockages from your energy system.  I also look at your relationship to your life path, your outer world that includes school, work or self employement and your relationship that includes compatibility, longevity, patterns that are up for you right now tracked back through time to your formative experiences.  Click here for more information.

Be sure to visit the Free Tools for Healing page for essential daily practices that will shift you immediately.

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Be The Light!
When you said that my (former) #1 client was dissatisfied with my replacement’s performance, that didn’t come as a shock to me…I’d heard rumblings to that effect.

But when you said that I had a friend there who would bring me back, I was puzzled.  Yes, I had people there I knew and who I had cordial relationships with, but no one I’d categorize as a “friend.”

Then, a couple of weeks before I moved out of the horrible office situation I was in, I got a call from someone who was my friend and who had left the company a couple of years earlier, essentially forced out by the guy who gave me “the boot.”  Now, that guy was gone and he was returning to be a V.P.  He said he was sure we’d be working together again, and that they’d given my replacement his notice.

I ended up doing two projects for them before he even officially arrived at his new position and location, and we’re working on three more right now.

I am also very comfortable in my new home office, just as you had predicted.

So, in other words, you are amazing!  Thanks so much for all your help and I know I’ll be in touch in the future, - Best,