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"Molly, you really and truly are a Miracle Worker. The immediate difference I feel all over is absolutely amazing!!!!! Thanks for all you do."
Patrick Graves
Movie Prop Maker

Wondering where to begin?

Molly often gets feedback like, "You're a miracle worker!", "You're pure magic!" and "I always feel like a new person after working with you!"

If you need healing, consider beginning with Molly's signature service:
The Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting.
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Tree of Life Ascension Journey

This journey integrates energetic exploration of The Holy Tree of Life, visionary painting and ascensional field attunements to bring you into your multidimensionality in a conscious way. All areas of your life are brought into balance through intentional creativity

The Channelled Art of M. Indura

As a Spiritual Expressionist, I allow the mind of the Holy Spirit to lead the process of creation. These paintings are miraculous in that they tell stories that I didn't realize I painted!
"Working with Molly has completely changed my entire life in every way."  "I feel a huge connection to everything.  I am more accepting and believing I am you and I’m also the ocean and I’m also these leaves and I’m also the soil.  I’m starting to see godly qualities in everyone I meet.  I have more self awareness. I catch myself observing my thoughts more as well as people. I’m more in tune with animals, anything living including insects. Yeah, it’s changed my life a lot. I love bigger now. Thank you" - Laura Korch Artist & Art Professor
photoshopped image of blonde woman wearing bun with white shirt and clear framed glasses named laura korch holding cat with background of healing crystals out of focus lights cosmic space
Laura Korch
Artist & Instructor

Coaching for Mystics

Become a Superhero with your clients Help yourself feel better about your life and have new mystical tools to use with your clients. This is for you especially if you are feeling burned out and not knowing how to support clients who are stressed to the max with this pandemic. Learning to mystically see into your life and heal it causes big transformations to occur...
My life has completely changed since I started working with Molly. If you are ready for some big shifts, you’ve found the right woman to work with, she is Divine.

What I love about Molly is that she supports you to do your own work, she teaches and leads you through the process, and is available if you need support. She is not another psychic that you give away your power to, she helps bring you online to do your own inner work.
young woman with short blonde hair blue eyes smiling into camera wearing black with black background named Javana Rae spiritual student testimonial for Be The Light house of wisdom
Javana Rae
Holistic Dentist


Being with The Goddess

The Goddess of Heaven holds all of manifest existence in Her field.  Without her;  No thing.  Literally.  No single thing exists outside of the field she Is.  That’s who She is for Us,... READ MORE

Alpha to The Omen

This Spiritual expressionist painting about the Foreshadow Dragon was done in partnership through mediumship, allowing The Holy Spirit to paint through me.  As the artist, I often do not have a good understanding... READ MORE