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Hope Rising

Be the Light is a resource for clarity, healing, and connection to yourself which will call you forth to live your highest path of purpose and joy.

I am here to empower you to get and stay clear on that path so that you fulfill your mission powerfully and with more joy, grace and ease than you imagine.  I do this through clairvoyant energy healing and transformational creativity.   For those that are called to deeper study, I train clairvoyant healers. 
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Be The Light!
Hi Molly,

Thanks again for the help with our cats! It’s been a week since the clearing and balancing with our 5-year female old cat Chewy and new male kitten Curry, who previously did not get along. They have both really changed since your clearing. Their attitudes have shifted and we find it much easier to connect with them, plus they have both become more affectionate with us. The night of the clearing, out cats began playing together. It was also the first night the kitten chose to sleep in the living room with our other cat rather than in our bed. Chewy is no longer aggressive with Curry, and is in fact quite playful with him now, and Curry loves it! There is a new understanding in their relationship, and we see them becoming better friends everyday. Molly, your gift is amazing!