We are the Seeds of Our New Reality, What Is Planted in you?

About House of Wisdom


Oracle of Mother Ra

Mother Ra is so excited to connect with all of Her children; within & without by giving access to our integration of the embodiment now available to all.

Our Divine Inheritance!

Our focus: Primary Partnership is within, Getting Complete & Self Mastery.

Welcome Ohm


"We went into a physical experience in order to know what it is to live our dreams instead of just imagine them.
  What it is to be physical as an eternal being is what We always wanted.  
You took off so soon, we hardly got to play with you.  Now you are home again and we want to live in you again.  Thank hu for coming Ohm.  We missed you! Love,"
Wa Pa Qua
(Mother Father quad)
"We have been working at House of Wisdom since our inception into experience. It is the Nature of Our Being."
Family of One

Masterpiece by Indura

The Masterpiece is a dance with the Divine by the Divine One inside of you. Dancing in your Masterpiece of The Great Work, correcting missteps in your time field and setting you right. Embedding your Purpose for Being into the Hat of your Holy Spirit. Along with your own Mother and Father, Christ & Holy Spirit in the field of the hat. They on-goingly support you as you move through the fulfillment of your Masterpiece created with them when you were. But if everything is working for you, there's nothing to change, right?
Investment: once you give your word, you give yourself to the work in eternal fields, we would NEVER take back what we have given you.

Our commitment to you is Eternal
. To refund you our gifts would be to deprive you of that commitment to your wholeness of being.
That's not partnership.
We have graduated single note living. Now we get to do it together,
As instruments in the Great Harmonic Orchestra which We Are as
The Family of One

  • Working with Molly for the last three years has been an amazing journey that has brought me to a place of contentment with my life that I have not known before. I had a very subtle underlying discontentment in life that I did not quite understand. On the outside my life looked ideal, great family, great career, great home, etc… On the inside, I knew there was something missing, something more that I needed to experience. My experiences working through The Journey programs have helped me to finally feel content with life. 

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • She offers several programs that I believe have helped me to trust myself and my own intuition. I believe learning to trust myself has been the foundation to living my best life. I have completed The Dimensional Field Activation, The Tree of Life Field Awakening (2x), Transformational Painting, Mystic Training, and Holistic therapy sessions with Molly.  Through all of these experiences, she has given me the tools to help me clear out my psyche and programmings. 

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • What I love about Molly is that she supports you to do your own work, she teaches and leads you through the process, and is available if you need support. She is not another psychic that you give away your power to, she helps bring you online to do your own inner work.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • My first session with Molly was incredible. I am not one of those people who cries, almost never, and especially not when others are around, but somehow everything converged to bring me to a place where I was liberated to feel what I had kept buried for so long. She was able to help me tap into some very deep psyche and emotional work that needed to be addressed surrounding feeling love as a child and thus having healthy self-love as an adult. It was truly a transformational healing experience.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S

  • I was given access to energy tools that help protect, ground, clear, and connect me to the divine.  Learning this has helped me to feel divinely supported as I continue working through my psyche.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • The Tree of Life Field Awakening Journey is very intense as it is intended to show you specific areas of your life, through Dimensions of self. While moving through the course life opens up to really give you the lessons you are intended to work through while you are engaged in the course. Since I love to paint, the visual guided imagery and painting are my favorite part of this course. This course has helped me to understand how the whole system of the universe works, the divine plan, and how I can get myself and keep myself on my highest core path. For me, it has been like an exponential spiritual evolution. 

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • Anyone can learn how to tap into their own psychic intuition and she guides you to do that in this course. She gave me The Psyche System and psychic tools to practice with others in the course; and what I have learned is that clairvoyance is like a muscle; the more often you exercise it the stronger it becomes. This class teaches you all the fun stuff you’ve been wanting to know about using your own psychic abilities to help yourself and others.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • The holistic therapy sessions that I have had with Molly this last year have helped bring me through some really tough spots that my conventional therapist (who is also incredible) and I were stuck in. This is where the psychic part of her work is very helpful in identifying where the issue is and then walking me through how what we are seeing is related to what is currently happening and then being able to clear the energy of that so that I no longer reference it in my psyche and life. It really helped me move leaps and bounds forward moving through my “stuff.” Sometimes we just need another persons help and I am grateful to have her guidance as she is always turning me back to my own inner voice.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.

  • My life has completely changed since I started working with Molly. If you are ready for some big shifts, you’ve found the right woman to work with, she is Divine.

    Javana Rae, D.D.S.


So I was flying on the redeye last night to Michigan and I usually get a healing done whenever I go there because the angels just start working on me. So last time they gave me a new liver transplant. This time I was flying they told me they were going to clean out my core. Also you were there with them you said you were a part of the unified field now and there was no separation and so you were there sort of as a bridge talking to me about what they were doing to me. So you started telling me different things they were doing to heal my body and I started to drift off to sleep and then all of a sudden you said well we’re going to fix your engine now and that woke me up and I asked you what do you mean fix my engine? Do you mean the planes engine or my engine? You said it doesn’t matter because you are one now and we are fixing it.

So I try to put that out of my mind because we were flying through wildfire smoke that was coming down from Canada from over Wisconsin…

When I landed this lady was telling me how she felt like when we first took off at Oakland she thought there was something wrong with the engine because she felt the noise and she thought the plane didn’t have enough power to get off the ground and she was really worried so she said a prayer. And I was kind of shocked because obviously you told me you were fixing the engine.

So I just want to say thank you for fixing the planes engine with the unified field.!!!!


Anne Duffy

Energy Healer

I went to see Molly today for the
Dimensional Field Activation and it was the most powerful activation I’ve received!!
I have so much gratitude for Indura.  She is a powerful healer and her energy is pure fire 🔥 🤲🏻such a powerful activation! I feel such a higher connecting and grounding transformation!!
I still feel like a fire/heat surrounding my body!! Wow. 💓 Go see her!!

You were drawn here for a reason.

Rebekah Whylie