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Be the Light is a resource for clarity, healing, and connection to yourself and your creativity which will call you forth to live your highest path of purpose and joy.

I am here to empower you to get and stay clear on that path so that you fulfill your mission powerfully and with more joy, grace and ease than you imagine.  I do this through energy work and transformational creativity.

To find out what services are best for you, just give me a call and I will help you to figure it out in a free (up to 15 minute) consultation to determine your most pressing needs.

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Some Testimonials:

Be The Light!
“I am so blessed to know Molly and to have experienced the myriad of healing gifts that she channels! I find that no matter if the issue is physical, mental, emotional or somewhere in between or beyond those categories that she can quickly locate the issue and transform it within a matter of minutes. In addition, her ability has no barriers or boundaries. With just a phone call, I can get almost instant relief, healing and insight from anywhere in the world.

“Also, Molly gets to the root of the problem. One example is an ongoing body pain issue I have had. I have been told that I may have fibromyalgia. I have experienced all the symptoms and have any array of products and remedies that help me relieve the symptoms that would be considered a “flare up.” While I have these tools and find them to be effective, it is only a temporary fix to a problem that never seemed to go away. When I was ready to get rid of the problem at the source it only took a few minutes with Molly and the pain, stress and discomfort were gone as if they had just been taken away on the wings of an angel.

“I have had many sessions with Molly over the years and she is always available when I need her. I feel so comforted to know that healing is Molly’s passion and priority. Her love for being of service to the light makes me feel that I can count on her in need anytime. She is truly a metaphysician on call to make my world a better place.”