Healing ism’s begins within

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This post election week has been one of deep grieving for myself and many others.  I have felt like disowning my family over what their voting choice has done to our country.  I was on the floor about it, really seeking healing and insight.  What I came to after having a good knock, down, drag out cry (highly recommend, not sure you know but welcoming the expression of grief can lead to ecstasy! More on that in another post. )
What saved me and sets me free is that they or most of them, as Jesus said, they know not what what they have done.  If they could see what we see, they would not have been able to do it and still sleep at night. They did the best they could GIVEN their level of consciousness and view of the world at the time.

And then of course that we are, One body, One breath of Life.  Just some of our parts have cancer and are in need of major healing right now.

What I also got was that if we are here, we have work to do.  Right?  Isn’t that why we are here?  To help the rest of us get on board with being the light? There are still so many in the dark, this needs to play out so we can all go home. Not just some of us. All of us.  The wounds of separation are deep and so many are still lost.

We were not going to wake up with Hillary or Bernie.  There’s still work to do. We’re just not there yet.

This IS The Great Work

It has to be ridiculous for them to get it because they are deeply asleep in the fallen world.  Just keep building bridges, opening doors and hearts, standing in unity and inviting communion.  Let’s heal that lineage of wounding and karma that is still raw and unpaid.  Track back the wounds, processed and complete, with love and forgiveness, back through the lineage of the wound.

But what I really am present to is the perniciousness of the ism’s in our world.  It’s an internalized wound that we need to heal.  It’s time to take responsibility for cleaning all bias out of our own fields completely so that we can be the kind of allies we need to be for our oppressed minority bothers and sisters.
The ism’s have been passed down through an internalized lineage of wounding and illusion of separation for thousands of years. It’s something most of us do not want to have in our minds yet we haven’t known how to process or un-program it fully. Hopefully, we’ve done our best to fight against it in ourselves. But it’s been a cultural norm for thousands of years, It’s in our DNA as well as our cultures. Even the minorities experience internalized racism. It’s been internalized whether we wanted it or not. So let’s take a moment to clean it out so that we can be free to fully and whole heartedly love all others.
Painted with love from spirit
Painted with love from spirit
Imagine and repeat after me: “Show me a Mother Rose for all racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other bias or belief in being separate from others in my entire field, throughout all of time.” See and feel it all gather onto the rose.  Say, “Explode.” Watch and feel it clear. Now ask, “Please fill me with Pure Unconditional LOVE.”
Now, go be a good human sibling and love up all of our brothers and sisters and stand up for what is right out there.  
Shine On,
Molly Indura bethelight.org
Molly is a Mystic, Artist and Social Worker dedicated to helping you Be the Light in the world by offering powerful, effective tools and teachings that clear and empower you to embody your highest self. 

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