A Conversation about Asking

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With my dear friend Andrew Nixon

Andrew: I’ve been a spiritual practitioner for 20 years, and it’s been very helpful, but there seems to be a missing piece – something absent from my approach to spirituality that’s not enabling me to radically transform my life.

Molly: Part of it really is to define in order to journey. You do really want to take a minute to sit down and write down what it is you’re looking for; what is my experience? “I know I’m not happy with my current experience. What is it that I do want? Write that down: I want to feel rested. I want to feel health and energized. I want to feel like I’m living my purpose. And I want life to be easy.” God, I’m struggling. God, I’m here to work for you. Put me to work, but if you’re not taking care of me, you know what, I don’t even want to be here anymore. So, let’s get to work. You take care of me, I’ll do whatever you want. I’m here for you. Heal me, use me; that’s it – I couldn’t ask for anything more. Right? To live your highest purpose – what else is there to do?

Andrew: When talking about creative manifestation, you use the phrase, “living into the experience.” I get that on an intellectual level; I’ve understood that in theory, at least, and I get it enough to know that it’s absolutely true. But I’ve also approached spirituality so long from a Buddhist approach, where it’s all about being still and doing nothing. It feels very passive.

Molly: It’s a huge waste of your capacity, because the way to access your capacity is to realize that you’re in partnership with Life and with your higher self – As Above (your higher self), As Below (that’s your avatar that your higher self is driving); As Within (that’s you, your psyche), As Without (that’s the holographic reality that’s being reflected to you in every moment that looks very real, and it is – but it is holographic, so you can shift it very easily by shifting the input structure, the sensory data input; that’s what drives it, the holographic feedback loop of creation).

What drives it is our sensory experience, so when I say, before you go to bed, you want to pray, Thank you, God, for helping me sleep well and feel AMAZING when I wake up! And feeling, what would it be like if I woke up feeling totally rested? Feel into that, and you’ll be, like, Oh, my God, thank you so much! It would boost my faith exponentially. I would be on fire for God because I knew I’ve been heard and a miracle happened. That’s prayer; that’s what can happen every day when you just ask, just choose what experience you want and ask for it. And then take a minute: okay, yeah, I’m listening for that. I’m listening for my Self to have that experience, I’m living into that, I’m going to wake up and feel amazing – thank you so much! And you want to feel it in your body, you want to have the words: What would I say? What would other people say? What would it look like? And you just want to get into the full sensory experience of it, and just see the field.

Common consensus says it takes about 68 seconds to align with the field. So if you can just think about how good you’re going to feel when you wake up fully rested (or whatever you desire), that’s it – that’s the prayer. People pray like they’re throwing out words that they’re totally disconnected from. This is worthless. “I want to feel like this.” What do you want to feel like? Like THIS… And describe it, and feel it, act it out, say what you would say, get into the experience of it, be in the experience of it. That’s programming directly how you want to feel – you just step right into it: YES! I feel amazing! Thank you so much!!! And you want to give praise, of course, because that just strengthens the muscle of the whole thing; it reinforces the feeling that, look, I just co-created my reality with my Godself – look at that! That worked.

Andrew: Do you encounter many people who, like me, have had a predominantly passive spiritual approach to life and are feeling some of the frustrations I have? As in, “I meditate – isn’t that enough?!”

Molly: I do have this conversation, absolutely, because this is the foundation of it, right? We are in partnership with our higher self, and that is the entire point of our existence – to live in conscious creatorship with our holy partners, with our Godself that is literally driving our avatar. We are saying, yes, I’m handing over the reins – how can I help you? What can I do to align with that? Well, for starters, you can think about what it is you do want, and ask for it!

Andrew: It seems so self-evident when you talk about it, but I can go days or weeks without it even occurring to me to do this. For many people like me, this process doesn’t come automatically.

Molly: I was taught prayer by my mother. She was a strong prayer, a faithful, powerful prayer because she said, “When you pray, you thank God. You ask once, and then you know it’s given. You listen, you hear it is given, and that’s it. From then on, it’s just, thank you so much, God. I’m so excited about this, because I know you answered it, and it’s going to be more wonderful than I can possibly imagine. And you just live into that, into the fulfillment of your request. Every question is answered the moment it’s asked. Every request is fulfilled the moment it’s thought. That is the instantaneity of time.

Andrew: So, when we feel like our prayers haven’t been answered, it’s only because we haven’t been able in some way to receive what’s already been granted?

Molly: That’s exactly right. It’s there, but you’re not in receiving of it, and since you’re the one that sees the field of your reality, you get to say whether you get it or not.

Andrew: I, for one, think that’s probably my sticking point.

Molly: Self-love, baby. All good things come from self-love. All love is Self-love.

Andrew: So is it possible for a person to screw up, or are all choices made inevitably perfect? That, of course, raises perennial questions of predestination versus free will: if there’s no room for choice and it’s all predetermined, it’s easier to say that things are unalterably perfect. But if there’s room for choice, if choice is genuinely free, then you must have an equally free choice to choose what is aligned with your destiny and to choose what is not aligned with that.

Molly: Here’s my perspective. We met with God, before we came here and together painted our Masterpiece.  What we were here to birth in the world. It was put in with all the pieces of learning and perfection together. So, you have a highest core path in which, when we’re connected to our highest path and centered in partnership, connected and aligned, we know the right thing to do. And it is natural to make the right choice.

Even so, it’s easy to get distracted and pulled off-course – and inevitably, perfectly, with precision even, we are pulled off-course to make choices that are not aligned with our highest purpose, and those become our alternate realities. And so, we often get stuck in the alternate reality of unaligned choices we made until we can make our way back. But you can recognize something’s gone wrong, I’m not aligned with my highest purpose, I don’t want to be in this reality, and you can process and complete all emotional back to their origin. So you can process and complete the choice – undo, repent, forgive – in a word, Ho’Oponopono: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” You can dissolve that and reintegrate into a whole, into that place, that core path, while keeping the wisdom you got from making that choice. And you can really drill down, get into the mind of yourself in the moment you made the decision and say, “Hey, no, really, use the condom! Trust me.” And you have to go on and say, “Get out of bed, go over and grab the condom. Here – open it up, put it on.” There’s no way that you didn’t use the condom at that point; you went back and made sure you did what you needed to do: you told yourself what you needed to know. You aligned yourself with it and you took the action through yourself using your current will, making sure you did the right thing.

So that’s talking about the tesseract that we’re in. We’re in this tesseract of the future tending the past, informing the future, tending the past, etc., so that we can stay while we see all of the past teachings and learnings through experience – because there is no wisdom without experience, without making all of those choices and then seeing their consequences. And that is the only way to get wisdom. That’s why wisdom of Chokmah is the Christ-self knowing how to have all these experiences so that we can choose our path: okay, this is who I want to be. I want to have pure integrity. Shit, that’s hard! But I know what happens when I don’t have integrity. I’m going to tell myself at each point that I have to say… Whenever you learn from mistakes, you can tell yourself the truth, and it creates this tesseract where you do get to assure you’re solid with your highest outcome, even if you didn’t get to experience it then; you get to give it to yourself in the past, which, since past-future-present are all one, with our minds we can go back into the past and be present then, and give ourselves what we needed so we can take the right actions from there forward and stay aligned.

But nothing, even our mistakes, is out of place. Nothing’s ever lost. It does all work out. Even if we think something’s gone wrong in the moment, you will find out at some point, and if you begin to awaken in this life, it will become clearer, I promise. Because it is all revealed. If you start to go in after those parts that are so wounded, you become whole, and you see how essential it was to go through those moments that were excruciating and disconnected and so wrong. Because you had to have the contrast of, oh, not that!

We are the ones we are waiting for. It’s all about time – the tesseract of time.

Andrew: Is all suffering necessary?

Molly: Yes. And, we should do everything that we can to eliminate suffering, because we are One and that part of our self that is suffering is us – we’re withholding from ourselves.

Andrew: So love and compassion are simply natural responses from a higher perspective. The point, then, is not to stop suffering – as in, fixing a broken world – so much as to allow a free and natural and full response to that suffering, which is love and compassion.

Molly: Yes. It makes sense to show compassion if at all possible. We really want to do better, we just don’t always have access to it. Honestly, we are doing the very best we can given the level of consciousness in the world at the time. We’re at a very limited capacity now, because we’ve lost the lineage of partnership, and we’ve lost the ability for completion. Those two lineages are essential to who we are, and we completely lost them. And so we automatically got clogged up with our emotional baggage, because we lost the ability to get complete and send other people’s energy back. So we got enmeshed.

We forgot that we were here to play out our masterpieces, our great visions for a life that  contributes the the whole of creation.  We got so serious.  and the powers that be knew that our power is within so they started teaching us to look outside of ourselves for the answers in life. To trust others more than your self.  That to talk to yourself makes you crazy!  When actually that is the access to our inner wisdom!!!  Ask.  Listen.  Receive.  They brainwashed us  to believe that we were selfish for going in, for considering ourselves.


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