Dimensional Field Activation

Service Value & suggested Donation:


All Be the Light Journey programs are donation based making the question about awakening yourself and not about having enough to feed yourself or pay rent. If it works in your personal economy to give the full value of a program, it is certainly welcome and encouraged. If it doesn’t, then what is your inner wisdom saying is equity for you? Give that. This is between you and the Divine. I am paid by the Divine and I trust Them completely.

Dimensional Field Activation is the foundation for awakening available through the 3 Heavenly Field Attunements.

This Session includes an energy balancing to prepare you for Field Activation.  

How You’ll Benefit:

  • Activates your dimensional fields with Heavenly Light

  • The connection between the 3rd and 5th dimensions is restored

  • Upgrades your wiring through the dimensions which maximizes connection through your field

  • Awakens your Kundalini

  • Increases your capacity in all ways

  • Supercharges your spiritual direction, motivation and intuition

  • Unlocks you as an 🎻instrument so you can begin to be moved in Partnership with the rest of you

  • Engages you with your destiny

  • Attracts completion with what no longer serves you

  • Allows you to gain self mastery through higher access

  • Gives a wider big picture perspective