The Evolved Red Dragon is the Foreshadow Dragon.

Alpha to The Omen

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This Spiritual expressionist painting about the Foreshadow Dragon was done in partnership through mediumship, allowing The Holy Spirit to paint through me.  As the artist, I often do not have a good understanding of what it is we have painted until sometimes years later at the perfect moment. This one called me to understand the current field work The Holy We’s engaged in that is referenced in this painting. I was not able to fully comprehend it until it was time to. There’s always much more going on in them than I realize and they are way ahead of their times.

The Evolved Red Dragon is the Foreshadow Dragon.
The Evolved Red Dragon is the Foreshadow Dragon.

The New Pink and Green Dragon is in the cloak of the Goddess.  This Dragon forshadows the pain of the choice one is considering. 

It’s the future if they make this choice, The dark waters of the Foreshadow Dragon echoing from the paid of the past.  

Ahhhh….On her arm with the key The Face of Hashem listening to the Foreshadow Dragon through her cloak. 

The Foreshadow Dragon holding the space for the bitter past to never happen again with the echos of what we’ve been through shaking us back to what’s real; love. Foreshadow Dragon is the Higherself of the Red Dragon.  In the evolution, The Foreshadow Dragon gives the Wisdom keys of what is wanted and needed and the joy to do it.  

The Wisdom Files are now part of the collective akasha. Foreshadow Dragon says, “Heads up; You’re being a silly goose” The Grace Fairy coming out of Grace’s hair as she cracks up laughing.

With the help of the Goddess holding space for it to go as well as it can, we can create a reality that works for us all. 

In a Wisdom File Transmission we see Goddess holding the The Roots of toxic mother and where she came from in the time story of our DNA. In the middle section, her face; her hurts. her mouth a compilation of lineages of wounding set to go off on a programmed response. A contrast in pain and care bears.  

Toxic Mother with her icy glare bleeding from being so torn apart and still expected to be gracious. 

The Gold in her chin, seeping in when (the lucky wisdom recipient) considers her choices and listens to the demons; (seeing red) that fill them with fear contrasted with what feels good, easy and natural. 

The healing and repair of her creating a new template for living life alive as woman.

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