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Angel Clearing request

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Use this prayer to clear and heal your energy field

I call upon the Angels of the Chakras and Angels of the Layers of the Aura and the Angels of the chakra rays to please clean and clear any and all blockages, patterns, issues, thought forms, pictures, emotions, attachments and anything that does not serve the highest God from each chakra on each layer, and each layer of the aura.  Please heal and repair all holes, rips, tears, punctures, damage, illness, and dysfunction in each chakra and each layer.  Please heal and repair any damage or illness in any of the subsequent areas in the physical body governed by each chakra and layer so that all areas are perfect, whole and complete.  Please charge each chakra and each layer with the highest Ray of Light and energy that is available to me at this time. Please balance and align all chakras and layers to be in perfect harmony.

Thank you and so it is.

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