Questionnaire for The Journey

Please answer the questions below and email them to  Once she reviews your answers she will contact you about your application.

  1. Christ is a shared field into Whom you are invited. Staying in the Christ Field, however, actually takes something.  What do you think it takes to stay in this field?  Are you committed to it?  
  2. Please share Your Story as it has gone so far.  
  3. Please share what you have done so far to address your wounds.  
  4. If it has not been covered yet, please share your spiritual path so far.
  5.  What would you say is your life purpose?  
  6. If you know; Who Are You? Or Who are you related to spiritually?
  7. Please tell me what it means to you to be able to receive the Holy Vessel Field attunement and what you think you are being called to do with it on behalf of the Family of One.
  8. Any questions you have

Please make your donation & set the payment plan now. If you are not approved to continue, it will be returned to you.