Spiritual Expressionist Molly Indura

As a modern day Mystic, I walk between the worlds.  One foot on Tera Firma, one in the Higher Dimensions. I treasure the dichotomy of each world, embracing the experience of grounding into being human as well as having access to the deeper levels of life beyond the physical. The many years I have spent in spiritual study informs the work I create in a deep way.

As a Clairvoyant, the energy in, around and through people and things is another layer of perception and information for me.    I love to paint the energy so that others can share in something that is ever present in my reality.

As a Christian Kabbalist, the Tree of Life is a frequent theme in my work.  I embed sacred geometry, layering the energy of creation into the work.

Creating is very much a collaboration with the Divine.  Painting is an access to my Higher Self, my Muse, the flow of light and love into myself, my life and my art.  Every step is intuited.  I start all work with an intention to bring through what is needed and then listen and bring it in.  As such, the art itself is like a talisman, holding the energy and imagery that supports that intention in the physical.  I receive healing and transformative energies when I paint and others receive it when they view and connect with the work.


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Be the Light!
Hi Molly!  Just wanted to say – thanks again for the reading earlier. I sat down and re-read my notes from our session and wanted you to know that what you said was truly spot on.
When you said that you felt like there was a lot of illness on the left side of my body, I didn’t process it at first – but about 6 months ago I went to the chiropractor because (and I quote myself) “everything on the left side of my body was broken.” I had intense pain running from my left hip to my knee (both my left hip and knee were out of alignment, causing my IT band to flare up) I had such intense pain in my left shoulder that I could barely move my neck, and I had 3 ribs on the left side that had popped out of place. Eeek. I knew that the left side of the body dealt with receiving – but I didn’t process any of it until you said it – thank you!


Also – while I did tell you that I was running a race in Florida – I’m so impressed you knew the race was in February 2016. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical before our reading (this was my first experience with a clairvoyant reading) but what you said was so specific and relevant in my life, I can’t wait to use what I know to let go of my past and move forward.


Thank you again – looking forward to connecting in person when I’m back in Michigan!