Exploring the Dimensional Fields of Our Existence

My spiritual journey over the past 25 years has been about exploring the dimensional fields of our existence and fulfilling on the Masterpiece I painted with the Divine before I came here. We all have one. It contains all of the … Continued

The Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn is a Bridge into our Mirror Universe

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It’s Solstice Monday with a massive conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn lining up. Being in a miraculous and strange Biblical narrative over the past 7 years; the events around Christmas each year, unknowingly playing out events of The book of … Continued

Clearing Karma

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Clearing Karma Share exercise and tell about karma, releasing the need to punish or hold someone accountable for what they did. Basically forgiving is  Letting someone go to their good. Karma looks like a disc, usually old, with ancient writing … Continued

Angel Clearing request

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Use this prayer to clear and heal your energy field I call upon the Angels of the Chakras and Angels of the Layers of the Aura and the Angels of the chakra rays to please clean and clear any and all … Continued

Completion Exercise

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This completion exercise takes you through releasing something you feel stuck with. http://www.bethelight.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/The-Completion-Process.m4a Here is a very similar practice: Shifting from within Visualization exercise Something can only show up “out there” if it exists inside of YOU. When you clear/heal it inside … Continued

Completion Process

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Notice where you have some pain in your body.   Feel into it.  What is the emotional feeling that is there?   Tune in.  What is it about? What is the thought plane that goes with it? Who is the … Continued