Core Alignment

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Being Self centered is not what you think. You gotta follow your heart.  If I teach only one thing, that’s got to be it.  It’s not always going to go over well with others.  But if you do it consistently … Continued

The Feedback Loop

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We are in a holographic feedback loop with our god self 12-11-14 9:30pm From the minutiae feeling irritated in the minute about little things, that anger ripples out into the universe causing storms of crime and war and evil and … Continued

Clearing Karma

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Clearing Karma Share exercise and tell about karma, releasing the need to punish or hold someone accountable for what they did. Basically forgiving is  Letting someone go to their good. Karma looks like a disc, usually old, with ancient writing … Continued

Angel Clearing request

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Use this prayer to clear and heal your energy field I call upon the Angels of the Chakras and Angels of the Layers of the Aura and the Angels of the chakra rays to please clean and clear any and all … Continued

Completion Exercise

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This completion exercise takes you through releasing something you feel stuck with. Here is a very similar practice: Shifting from within Visualization exercise Something can only show up “out there” if it exists inside of YOU. When you clear/heal it inside … Continued

A Conversation about Asking

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With my dear friend Andrew Nixon Andrew: I’ve been a spiritual practitioner for 20 years, and it’s been very helpful, but there seems to be a missing piece – something absent from my approach to spirituality that’s not enabling me … Continued