Clearing Karma

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Clearing Karma

Share exercise and tell about karma, releasing the need to punish or hold someone accountable for what they did. Basically forgiving is  Letting someone go to their good.

Karma looks like a disc, usually old, with ancient writing on it. First you want to create a golden sun above your head to gather the energy and clean it before it comes back into your body.   Take a relationship that you struggle with, that has less than pure love and flow.  Look above the other persons head and throw a handful of their energy at the disc, Breaking it open. Take a deep breath and pull all of the wisdom, lessons and knowledge you were meant to learn from this Karmic agreement.  As you breath out, send all of the lessons and wisdom for them to learn to them.  They may receive it, they may not, if not, it will go to the earth and get back to them in another way.  When all of the energy is clear, see the pictures that formed the karma and explode them.  This releases the karma and the disc disappears.  This does shift energy between people and you do get what you are supposed to learn directly.

Can also look for personal Karma behind the 3rd Chakra.

Exercise to Clear Karma

  1. Choose a person that there is tension or not complete love flowing between you.
  2. In your mind’s eye, Look above this person’s head and see if there are any karma discs, these look like plates or round platters. Some are white, these you do not want to break. If there are dark ones, target these.
  3. Scoop up a handful of this person’s energy out of your aura and fling it at the karma disc, breaking it.
  4. Breathe in all of the lessons and wisdom energy that comes out of the disc into you and exhale all of the lessons and wisdom of this karma to the other person. These are all of the things that you would have learned by playing out this piece of karma with this person. Breathe in and out this energy until it is gone from the disc.
  5. Explode all of the pictures that were released from the disc until they are all gone.

Repeat until no karma discs remain.

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