Completion Exercise

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This completion exercise takes you through releasing something you feel stuck with.

Here is a very similar practice:

Shifting from within Visualization exercise

Something can only show up “out there” if it exists inside of YOU. When you clear/heal it inside of yourself, it will no longer show up in your life. We are One. The “other” is only another aspect of our self, another part of us.


Step 1: Notice something “out there” or “over there” in another that is showing up in a way that frustrates you, that you judge and dislike.

Step 2: Ask for an image that represents the pattern that you are irritated with. In example 1: I saw a swirling ball of dark string that represented the critical  and harsh communication from my ex.

Step 3: Look inside your own head and find the same energy pattern, it will match the image that came up for “other”.

The only reason you dislike and judge this behavior is because it is something that you dislike, reject and disown in yourself, something you have decided is not okay. Own that you have this same pattern and quality in yourself.

Step 4: Breathe that energy pattern down into your second chakra and imagine there is a cauldron of energy that will churn this energy and transmute it into another form of energy, a lighter, more pure form of energy. Then breathe that energy back up through your central core.

Step 5: Imagine putting the original symbol image of the “other” on a rose and invite any matching energies in you, guilt, shame, anger, etc. onto the rose.

Explode the rose, releasing and clearing the energy and the pattern.

Step 6: Imagine a bright Sun come in through your crown chakra from the cosmos and fill in where the energy pattern was removed.

Feel the shift.  Watch it no longer show up in your life in the same way.

Keep looking for patterns in yourself, by noticing when you get upset when other people do things you judge or dislike.  I noticed there was a clump of related issues that came up at the same time, and clearing all of them gave a nice shift in my outer reality.

If you would like support in this shifting process, I am here for you.  Call or email me and schedule a session where we can get you clear.

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