Completion Process

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Notice where you have some pain in your body.   Feel into it.  What is the emotional feeling that is there?   Tune in.  What is it about? What is the thought plane that goes with it? Who is the other person connected to it?  How did they contribute to it or cause it?  Tell them how you felt about that.  Allow them to apologize with their whole heart and their entire being and say everything you need them to say.  Allow them to  ask for your forgiveness. Say I forgive you and meant it.

If there is any part of you that feels responsible or guilty for anything, (participating, hurting yourself, betraying yourself, hurting others, anything) say I am so sorry with your whole self and mean it, and ask for forgiveness.

Say thank you and I love you and invite the other person and everything you have carried from them to return to them.

For incompletions that have words. 

Body sensation

Emotion (i.e.: anxiety) feel into leaning into body sensation while going through the following:

Thought plane (i.e.. “Maybe I can’t trust myself after all.”

Other person ( mom “You made it up, I don’t believe you.”)

Tell other person how you feel. Ie:  “I’m so angry and hurt that you invalidated me and treated me like I didn’t matter, it was like I didn’t even exist to you.”

Allow other person to apologize fully and completely (i.e.: ”I’m so sorry I did that to you.  I was so wounded, I didn’t have access to doing it differently.  I’m so sorry I hurt you.  Please forgive me.”)

Accept their apology.

If needed, repent and ask for forgiveness for any part you played.

Receive forgiveness.

Say thank you and I love you

Release the other back to themselves.

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