Core Alignment

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Being Self centered is not what you think.

You gotta follow your heart.  If I teach only one thing, that’s got to be it.  It’s not always going to go over well with others.  But if you do it consistently then you will find the tribe that honors the knowing you carry and supports you in moving with that as a way of life. Imagine that for a minute.

That is how you actually become embodied, to consistently follow your intuition. It is the key to fulfilling your purpose in life.  As you listen and go with your inner knowing, it gets more and more accurate because you trust yourself.  Fully.  You know that your God self is your future self, and you care enough to tend to you, in each moment even. When you are aligned with your core, and living from that fully bodied knowing, you are one with life.

I advised someone recently that maybe she was the one that needed to create the tribe she was seeking.  That is why she quests for that connection and belonging with people that share her values.  And she will find them.  I feel as I write, this is true for me as well.  I may need to hold a space for a community of heart lead people.  Let’s get started with this download I just received that is rocking my world.

I just aligned with my higher being.  I want to share it with you.  It’s an intentional request.

“On all levels of my existence, throughout all dimensions, and time space, please center and align with the center of the central core of each level of my being including my physical body, aura, soul and higher self, mondad, up to and continually renewing my fully realized God Being self.  Take me to the edge of the wave.

All parts and levels of my being, I request automatic continual alignment with my core be writen as a permanent setting in my akashic records.  If any part feels they need to leave the core for any reason, it must be accessed only through fully conscious intention to so, and automatically returned to the core as expediently as possible.  The automatic setting is full core alignment.

I automatically resonate at the unique harmonic frequency that is most comforting and soothing for each level of my being

Thank you and so it is.”

I feel connected to love as the essense of my being, I feel centered and aligned with my whole self.

I’m fully self centered right now, on every level.  Humans teach it’s a bad thing, but it is the source of all the power in the universe.  What a ridiculous and horrible myth.  We were brainwashed to disconnect from ourselves and our inner knowing… it was literally trained out of us.  And look at the state of the world rignt now.  It’s a fucking mess. Well, I’m here to empower the world, so enjoy!

Use regularly to train the alignment to be your new normal.

NB:The core is toroidal, so it’s like in Chinese medicine where the digestive system and lunges are like skin, exposed to the out side, so being in the core, is being on the edge of the wave because it’s continually gyrated through. (double torus)

Let me know your experience as you work with this in the comments below or message me.   I have been clearing out the backlog of incompletions in my core for the last 6 months and that has primed my energy for this alignment.  For increased access, this is a key piece.


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