Time Tube Part 3 Unwinding the Core

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Time Tube Part 3

Unwinding the Core

When I stepped into my circle tonight I felt myself be un wound. This has happened before but it has never been full body before. It feels like un winding stuck energies in the body and it really felt like I was at the hands of my Self, that I had put myself aside and was watching my body go completely soft and ready to be moved by will, and my body was moved very organically and with a kind of inner releasing beauty.

There is a kind of energy that is made of emotional/mental energy and it gets wound up because we don’t work things out in the moment and that causes static in the field that anchors one in time at that event onward.   It occurs within the time tube.  The core is in the center and it is alignment with our higher being, it knows the highest thing for use to do.  As we grow up through childhood we get enculturated and we begin to stick in time because we forget how to get complete and we start holding on to our emotions and states and they hold us. When we unwind the state, feeling, thought, belief back down our time tube, it is completed in reunion with it’s origin combined with the informed wisdom of the present self.  This static holds us in an interface with the human system.  When we drill down the wounds of our past we are released from the chains of  being stuck in this collective reality. The grip is released. We can go forward from that moment more at peace for not having to experience the consequences of the incompletion. That part gets to go the whole rest of their lives without that and they are softer for it and that softens you more in the moment at the same time as holding the wisdom and compassion that came from the experience of having the wound. It is evolution at it’s finest.

I feel this unwinding is happening through my central core which is aligned with my time tube and as I have drilled down all of the streams of wounds, that would have created a bit of a twerk that would create this kind of unwinding response. It’s a very deep core force that is moving the body, it feels intelligent in the way it moves the body.

This must be noted and watched for as you go about your drilling down process that you not get backed up in your core. In fact watch for a core unwinding after each drilling down of an aspect session.

Please leave comments and thoughts below.  I pray this information blesses you.

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