Easy clearing for more effective affirmations

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Easy clearing for affirmations


“I am hugely abundant.”  Although you may be committed to this being true, when you say it, it may not really resonate in your system as clear and true.  Try this visualization exercise to clear the resistance around your affirmative statements:

Create a rose in front of you in your minds eye that represents “I am hugely abundant” and see what shows up.  Invite all the pictures that get lit up about the affirmation to come on to the rose and then explode the rose.

Repeat, and allow all the energy of I am hugely abundant to accumulate on the rose, good and bad, positive and negative, for and against.  Explode this rose.

Repeat, allowing the clear energy of the intention to build on the rose and really glow and shine.  Explode this rose and allow all of that clear manifestation energy to filter back through your crown Chakra.

(Exploding releases the energy)

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