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Why Take the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery?

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What’s in it for you?

Why take the effort to birth yourself as you were designed to be?

Have you been wanting to live more naturally?  to be able to move in a flow with life instead of feeling at the mercy of life?  There is a way to move in partnership with the rest of you; a multidimensional being.  A way to ask and choose your life as it is written in your Masterpiece of the Great Work. That’s the map of your purpose and The Will for your Life.

The Will that when it’s all said and done, the mastery plan you drew up with the Divine to set in motion throughout your life is fulfilled.  All the Wisdom you came to gain and share built into your trying, painful times.  with Precision. 

There is a way to be informed and supported in what is yours to do.  A way to navigate life with grace and ease and even joy.  

Taking The Journey of Partnership and Self Mastery has many benefits that will transform your understanding of what it’s all for.  When we are free, life is way more fun.  This is a path of freedom from within.  In fact Freedom is a core principle in Be the Light Wisdom School.  

When we asked to be created by the Divine, they said, Only if we do it to gather in Freedom as Freed Om’s.  To share in each our own sacred vision of what is possible through the lens of physicality.  To weave our visions lightly together, to gather as individuals with distinct identities and capacities and lineages through the multidimensional field.  This makes each of us an internal part of the Great Work, the Collective Masterpiece that sees us back in unity as The Family of One.  Living in partnership with ourselves, others, and all of Life.  Creating a community of care, a welcoming of awakening and unfolding that transcends any beliefs or dogma that you can be taught.  It brings you into direct relationship with life and existence so that you find your unique place within existence and through time.  

It’s an epic Journey of self discovery, revelation and mastery.  To learn more about the specific benefits of each step on the Journey, keep reading.

This is part of a blog series about the journey,   Continue to the next for more…

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