Engaging in Spiritual Partnership to Stay Safe in this Perilous Time

This blog explores engaging in spiritual partnership to stay safe in this perilous time.

This is an intense time in so many ways, the political climate with the Devil in the White House and Coronavirus spreading quickly, climate change concerns  It’s important to be listening within to stay present and aware of what there is to know to keep you safe.  

I want to validate that this is a traumatic time for many.  

It’s important to take time to self care, spend time with loved ones and friends, to stay in touch with others even if it’s just by text or FaceTime chats.

This would be a great time to have a counselor to speak with if you are feeling stressed and traumatized about everything happening now.  The one thing that has me feel good in times of stress is to know that I am directed and protected by moving with Spirit in partnership. 

Keep up on self nurturing activities;  exercise, plenty of sleep, meditation, time in nature, etc.

What I am going to share with you is the way that I was able to be the only person in a group of 10 others sharing a vacation house in Dominican Republic a few years ago.  There was a terrible bacterial infection going around that had everyone in our group in the bathroom full time with fluids forcing out of both ends.  I checked in about every single thing I touched and put in my mouth.  Most things were okay and safe but there were a few items I was informed were not safe.  This discernment kept me well.  

It’s all about talking to yourself in a way that gets answers.  Answers that can keep you safe, if you take the time to ask and listen.  

The core practice at House of Wisdom is seeking. Partnership is our original design.  Our inquiry is a response to curiosity tickled in us by our Divine One.  

One must then drop into silence in order to receive the response. Listening is an active receptivity partner acupressure activator.  Meditate on that.  

For now, and if you’re a capable intuitive field navigator, you may be fine with these pointers.  

Specifially, navigating what is safe is the main task at hand.  The inquiry, is this safe? Is this event safe, this room, this person, this place, this food, this mail, this everything.  

Inquire within before you use a bathroom, is it safe?  Before you touch the door, is it safe?  Before you drink from the water fountain, is it safe?

Ask to be guided clearly in navigating safely and staying healthy.  Do this every morning.  Align your will with the Divine Will for you. 

Consider not doing non essential activities for now.  If you feel you must venture out, ask, is what you are thinking to do safe?  If it is, go, but keep asking as you are out.  

If you are not fluent with your intuition to guide you, now is the PERFECT time to set yourself up to navigate this perilous time.  Mystic Training is starting tomorrow.  Through 6 weeks of live classes and interactive conversations and in-class practice and out-of-class partner practice sessions, you will quickly be on your way with your Self. In it I teach how to navigate the inner fields and the fields of life and circumstance to be on time with your Masterpiece of the Great work.  Your Masterpiece is what is yours to do here, co-created with the Divine One before you came into experience. 

To truly partner with the Divine One within you and be activated and field attuned to awaken into your multidimensionalities of being.  This all happens and actually so much more in the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery at Be the Light House of Wisdom.  We are here to seed the new realities, we are the seeds.  

We can help you release your ties to the old world of separation and evil and come into the new realities in which we already reside however the old reality is still tacked up like a mirage around us in our new place.  Bring yourself fully here now.  Release the bondage of the past we have been stuck in.  

It’s time to move forward in our 1000 years of peace.  Don’t be left behind because of your ego or your pride.  Be humble and get on the floor, ask for forgiveness after fully accounting for your wrong doing and thinking, any separation based actions, words or thoughts toward others.  Fogive others for their missteps. We are all in this together.  Go through the Dying deck to prepare spiritually.  When we face the worst, we are free to be present to what is possible.  I have posted the Dying deck on Be the Light for this purpose, click here. 

I recommend the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery to anchor you into the Divine Will, support 

& Protection, give you the tools and skills to navigate life in partnership, being moved, no longer needing to go it alone but being with You, and being informed and dancing with the Divine.  Let me tell you, it’s what were made for.  Come Ohm to the Family of One and restore your original design as multidimensional being living in partnership with yourself, others and all of life.  

For now, and if you’re a capable intuitive field navigator, you may be fine with these pointers.  

Immune boosting

Take monolauren and coloidal silver to boost your immunity.  Stay up taking on your probiotics, your gut health is your immune health.  Get enough rest. 

Drink plenty of water.

A personal body favorite is the garlic butt bomb.  Cut the skin and all membranes from a small piece of garlic.  Coat it in olive oil and pop it into your bumm.   (Yes, really) 

The Garlic is an antibiotic that is protective and healing to the lungs immediately and as it absorbs over time.  The anus is directly connected to the lungs and gut and the benefits are delivered withing 30 seconds of insertion.  CV19 being a lung related virus, this is an important line of defense.

I find putting peroxide in my ears and nostrils frequently and letting them bubble any germs out a great way to stay healthy.  The spray peroxide makes this easy to do.

Anti flu Monolauren has a ton of scientic research literature behind it’s efficacy.  You really must start small with 3 or 4 pellets and work your way up to a scoop by doubleing the amount each time you take it. Build up to twice a day 2 scoops at a time.  

Colloidal silver is also good for the immune system and protection.  

wash your hands, use paper towels to touch faucets, use keys, unlock doors, etc…

Lower the toilet cover to prevent splashing before flushing. Use toilet seat protectors.  

Stop shaking hands and hugging, kissing acquaintances hello. Give peace or shaka.  We all get it.  It’s rude to force a shake or hug at this point.  

Stop touching your face.  This is important. Ask spirit for support in not touching your face and keeping you safe over all.  

I hope this article has been helpful for you. Please let. me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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A Spiritual Light installation to keep your vibration high

20 years ago after having my DNA Activated and hearing that we should have our houses rewired because of the negative impacts of Electromagnetic fields, I went to spirit and inquired about a more practical solution, and they gave me this Photon Light Shield. I’ve been called to use this Photon Light for many things collectively and planetarily over the years and it has been shown to be a powerful way to transmute darkness into light in support of life. 

This powerful light infusion saturates your cells with protective light barriers to keep you in cellular and dimensional field integrity.  This activation works in the Physical and Spiritual dimensions to create a partnership of resilience through frequency modulation. Science confirms frequency is the base of all matter and non matter.  Viruses and harmful frequencies are low, dense, heavy vibrating frequencies.  Saturate your field with Pure Divine Light and raise your frequency to the level of just not being a match for anything harmful.  it won’t stick because of the law of attraction, like attracts like.  

This energy has been kinetically tested for over 20 years to be effective for EMF, radiation, cellular microwaves.  This energy is original Divine Light.  

You can donate and or choose to recieve it for free here:  Once I receive your request I will install it into your field tuning into your name.

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