Holy Vessel Field Attunement February 2019

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February 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
Zoom Online Event
Molly Indura

The Holy Vessel Attunement

February 16 & 17, 2019 12:00am – 5:00pm both days

This 2 day course and ritual of attunement:

    • The ancient mysteries of our existence are revealed
    • Gets you related to your membership in The Family of One within. At the higher levels of existence are shared fields. We are One Great Being that lives and breathes in concert. This is the first huge step to awaken your experience of being the Instrument and the Orchestra.
    • The principles that underpin our reality unceasingly that you can use to reveal the great truths of life
    • Open the vertical alignment of your field to each of the 12 Physical Dimensions of Self
    • Get access to being taught directly from within
  • Receive the support you need to heal your past so that you have the internal space to become embodied

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About The Journey

Being committed to The Journey has it’s perks!  It enables you to:

Pay over time for all phases of your journey as a monthly investment in your mastery. All Registrations go toward your Journey Balance.

Save money. Committing to the Journey gives you lower pricing.

The Journey enables you to stay in a field of support and family as you travel through together.

Non Journey members can still take the next step with approval. Listen to your inner call.  The Holy Vessel is the foundation of all of the other programs.  It is available without committing to the rest of The Journey.  However, the other programs are not available without first having done this program.