Exploring the Dimensional Fields of Our Existence

Painting: Creating With My Word by M. Indura Oil

My spiritual journey over the past 25 years has been about exploring the dimensional fields of our existence and fulfilling on the Masterpiece I painted with the Divine before I came here. We all have one. It contains all of the points of destiny for us to unfold what is ours to be and do here.  

This Masterpiece is encoded in our astrological birth chart which is embedded in the base of our time core and projected up through time within the 12 houses of the psyche.  As we move through time, these puzzle pieces are activated in our reality and we are compelled to respond according to our purpose or our wound.  The wound is the way we polish ourselves as pearls of divine wisdom.  If we know how to work with these pearls we can become rich with Wisdom we’re here to gain. If you would like to go deeper into your masterpiece and what you are here for, check out Masterpiece.

Starting in 2000, I followed a strong calling to study in a mystery school preparing myself as an Adept, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Kabbalist, and Ritual Master. I was given the spiritual name Lilith, but at the time, I had no idea who she was.

During that time Spirit began making art through me in partnership and my animation within started to come online. The paintings that were made became puzzle pieces in my great Masterpeice of purpose.  

Through it, I found myself called into deep partnership with my life work and my Holy self.  The divine, playing their part, tickled me with curiosity and I responded by seeking accordingly and listening within in a way that had me informed of what really is mine to do in the world, my masterpiece of the great work.  What I found in my seeking, was freedom and a multidimensional self.  

During my Social work graduate program in 2014/15, everything I had learned in mystery school, especially The Tree of Life; the dimensional access grid and all that I was learning studying psychology became a living reality for me.  So much happened all at once during that time and since. All together,  it has become The Journey of Partnership and Self Mastery we offer at Be the Light House of Wisdom.

What opened up for me

Studying psychology I found the structure of the psyche system.  It is a 4th dimensional field aspect of ourselves.  It is the time tube through which we travel moment by moment through time.  It’s where our being is supposed to live here with and in us but we lost the lineage of completion which is our natural way of being complete with an experience and moving to our next moment.  Instead we’ve gotten stuck in time. 

I learned why we get stuck and how we can free oneselves from the mind that never gets quiet.  This allows us to come into peace and silence within ourselves. This is what happens when we complete our past.  Silence.  Expanded time.  Scentient intelligence. 

It was a lot of things all at once, so much happened.

At the same time, I was also being pulled experientially into the dimensional fields of reality and what I learned later are the three heavens referenced identically to my experience in the Bible. And in these fields, I met the primordial beings that hold and are these fields.

The First Heaven is held by The Christ. El Sol, our Sun, and is the environment around our Earth.

Beyond that, The field that is the 2nd Heaven is held by Amma, the feminine being who is the cosmos herself and the Mother of our physical Earth. She was still carrying Earth in her womb when I came into her acquaintance in 2015 after asking how I should ground after my field opened up into a wild untamed fractal of creation! About 6 months later, I was called into the bath to labor with Her. This birth was the movement of the Earth into it’s new location in Her cosmos and state of being based in unity. As it was  birthed and moved out of her womb, it was also moved through the Tree of Life I had been shown how to unlock the previous year. It landed in the sphere of Chesed; Mercy. After the birth, I was standing and saw the old world represented by Malkuth was transformed into a titanium womb beneath my feet, (which looks like a crescent moon from the front view) Then I found I had a great weight on me and noticed I was wearing the golden cloak of Light I had found in a trunk in my aura along with the INRI sign earlier in the year. I took it off and put it back in the trunk. Then I saw that under that I was wearing the cloak of night that the light of the stars in the cosmos shines through. I was moved to remove it and wrap it around Earth in it’s new location for a time as it adjusted to it. I found myself as a being of Pure Light free of any weight! The next morning, my mentor posted an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in celebration of Her saints day.

6 months later, on May 13, 2016, when I was speaking with the same friend I told her this story and she asked if I had read Revelation 12. I had not. When I read it, I realized it was the story of the birth I had experienced!

 Since then the new realties of unity are beginning to form here in our experience as the realities of darkness and separation based realities fall away.

We have been moving together since then, living out Biblical events of Revelation 12- 22.

What’s beyond the cosmos?

Beyond the field of the cosmos was the still dark realm known as Ain, the being of Ma’at lives here holding a peaceful space of quiet and rest. This is where the 3rd Heaven lives – and where I met the Queen of Heavenly Light herself; who I lovingly call Ma Ra; Isis. She was wearing Her crown of the Sun and Moon united, and standing the whole height of this heavenly field.  On her arm, The White Dragon of Sophia who, I noticed, in comparison to Isis, was a third the size of heaven! Later, when I read Revelation 12 for the first time, this detail made me realize that the 7 headed red dragon referenced in that chapter of the Bible was this same dragon’s lower self because it talked about how it took out a third of the stars of heaven.

The 7 headed red dragon is represented by the lowest tree; The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. These trees are dimensional grids of being. The story of the 7 headed dragon that tries to take out the human child represents our separation based lower selves.  At the time I read Revelation 12, I had a channelled painting of a 7 headed red dragon in progress on my easel!

Slaying that 7 headed red dragon of the lower self is what the Tree of Life Ascension Journey is all about. Because that is truly what will allow us access to being reintegrated with our Higher being and our original design.  

Beyond the field of Isis in The Brightest and Original Light of creation is the Eternal infinite the field of creation instantly and absolutely with Word.  When I went into this space, I knew it was the field of creation with word instantly and seeking the correct word, I heard “House.”  When I said “House;” mansion upon mansion occurred instantly and lavishly in the space.  Later as I studied the pathways in the tree of life, I noticed the path between Kether- the Crown and Binah, Holy Mother is ruled by the Hebrew letter Bet, which literally means the first word and the first word is “House.” It’s evidential alignments like these that let me know I was truly perceiving these fields and not insane.  

When I came into the Isis field of limitless light, I wondered and sought the edges and found them. In the field of the word, I also sought the edges and after many eternities in this field, finally, I realized there is no going beyond infinity because the nature of the field is eternal.  But on the other side of it, I found Goddess Sophia’s field who holds us all of this existence system, like a skin holding the field of the word.  Where the two fields come together creates such a harmony of resonance, and love I had never experienced before.

So much more….

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Have you had similar experiences?

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