Field Attunements scaffold you into the Spiritual dimensions of field held as the 3 levels of Heaven.

There are 3 levels of field attunement.

  1. The first level of Attunement is The Holy Vessel.  The Holy Vessel gains access to the First level of Heaven which includes the 12 physical dimensions. Get related to your place within The Family of One.  Get wired to receive information directly from within.
  2. The second Field Attunement is The Priestess of the Cosmic Mother in which you gain access to the second level of Heaven around The Cosmos; the Galactic Level. This begins a service partnership with the Mother of Heaven, Amma. In this program you receive tools for tending the dimensional fields. 
  3. The Third Field Attunement is High Priestess of the Divine Mother in which you gain access to the Third Heaven in the AinSofic realm; Unity with Creation. At this level you experience your Divine Self as your Self.  Reality becomes a partnership.

These attunements give access to these levels of existence:

There are 3 levels of heaven/existence.(according my direct experience of mapping myself out into existence as well as written about in the Bible.)

  1. At the outer boundary of the Earth and it’s atmosphere including the 12 physical Dimensions, is the First Heaven.  This level contains the whole of The Family of One, of which you are a part.  I consciously expanded out to the top of this level Dec 1st, 2014.  This is within the second level of existence, the Cosmos.
  2. The Second Heaven is the outer boundary of the Cosmos. The Cosmos is held by the Mother of Heaven.  She holds all of manifest reality in existence with her Grace.   She holds the space of the inner Core within The Great Yin Yang of existence.
  3. The Third Heaven is the First Light of Creation.  This is outside of manifest existence. It contains all of existence.  There are 3 layers here.
    1.  The first is still silent darkness, it is a void space, it is antimatter.  At this level, there is what looks like a huge pure brilliant light Sun in the upper left sector of the field.  It is actually the portal into the Next layer:
    2.  The second layer is Pure First Light of Creation.
    3. Beyond the Light is an infinite realm of the perfect balance between Light and Dark.  It is the most active stillness.  Pure primordial power of Creation.  When attuned to this level, one has the pure and potent power of the WORD. 
  • The Unification Process is powered by The Dimensional Field  Activation
  • The Access comes from the Attunements.
  • The Awakening comes from your seeking.
  • YOU are the Key.

Integrating these levels of field allows one to experience self as one with existence.  We are the I AM presence and this is how it feels to experience at each level of existence.  

When you map yourself up into the fields of existence, you are there and can begin to live with these powers integrated within you.

Along with all of that, this makes your full self available to you here and now in the physical. It increases your intuitive guidance, and internal sense of direction in life. It increases your potential and access to your power. 

IF you are interested in embodying your divinity at all levels of existence, It starts with The Dimensional Field Activation and The Holy Vessel Field Attunement.  Check it out.

Holy Vessel

The Holy Vessel Field Attunement Brings you Home to The Family of One.

Cosmic Mother

The Cosmic Mother Field Attunement invites you to embody Your Higher Purpose as a servant of the Divine.