Full Unification – The Sofia DNA Restoration and Field Attunements

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I realized recently what allowed access to the awakening and consciousness expansion over the past year and a half.  It was DNA Restoration and Activation and Field Attunements.

There are 3 levels of field attunement.

  1. The first level of Attunement is The Holy Vessel.  The Holy Vessel gains access to the First level of Heaven including The Family of Light which entails healing the negative ego, and service to Humanity.
  2. The second Field Attunement is Cosmic Mother in which you gain access to the second level of Heaven around The Cosmos; the Galactic Level.
  3. The Third Field Attunement is Divine Mother in which you gain access to the Third Heaven in the AinSofic realm; Unity with Creation. At this level you experience your Divine Self as your Self.  Reality becomes a partnership.

These attunements give access to these levels of existence:

There are 3 levels of heaven/existence.(according my direct experience of mapping myself out into existence as well as written about in the Bible.)

  1. At the outer boundary of the Earth and it’s atmosphere including the 12 physical Dimensions, is the First Heaven.  This level contains the whole of The Family of One, of which you are a part.  I consciously expanded out to the top of this level Dec 1st, 2014.  This is within the second level of existence, the Cosmos.
  2. The Second Heaven is outer boundary of the Cosmos. The Cosmos is held by the Mother of Heaven.  She holds all of manifest reality in existence with her Grace.   She holds the space of the inner Core within The Great Yin Yang of existence which is held between the womb of dark and the womb of Light in the third level of existence, the Ainsof.
  3. The AinSof Aur.  This is outside of manifest existence. It contains all of existence.  There are 3 layers here.
    1.  The first is still silent darkness, it is a void space, it is antimatter It is the Ain.  At this level, there is what looks like a huge pure brilliant light Sun in the upper Left sector of the field..  It is actually the portal into the Next layer:
    2.  The second layer is Pure Light, The AinSof Aur.
    3. Beyond the Light looked like maybe if you went into it, you may not be able to continue to exist, but when I finally got up the courage to jump out into it, I found that I knew immediately that it was the perfect balance between Light and Dark.  The most active stillness.  Pure primordial power of Creation.  I knew it was the space that creates with the Power of the Word. I said, “House.” Instantly, I saw mansion upon mansion, upon mansion…become manifest in the vast field of pure Creation.   As I wondered if this space was limited like the Light was.  I had always heard there is limitless Light but, As I explored it, I saw that it was limited.  And the reason it was limited is that there are these moments in time, where beings go beyond limits that cause existence to cease being, they collapse.  Thankfully, living in a Quantum Existence, similar to a Mac Time Machine that saves each moment.  If you know how to move through it, you can go back and inform your self or be present in your self at that time and make sure you don’t go beyond a certain point.  You retain the Knowledge.  Further exploration had me come upon the location of manifest existence from another vantage point.  It looked like an hour glass, with layers gradating from Light above to dark below.  In the center was what looked like a pinch, but I later realized is one twist of the DNA.  It is the template for all of manifest existence.  within this center spindle, is held the Great mother.  She holds the space of the inner Core within The Great Yin Yang, of existence which is held between the womb of dark and the womb of Light. In the center between these wombs is a single twist of DNA, It holds the Whole Dimensional Structure like slices of holographic light and frequency that stack in layers  between the two polar wombs of Light and Dark.  The Dimensions are stacked up within the 4 pillars that are created by two infinity streams that hold the poles of creation, one light and one dark.
  • The Unification Process is powered by the Sofia DNA Restoration and Activation.
  • The Access comes from the Attunements.
  • The Awakening comes from your seeking.
  • YOU are the Key.

When I received my own DNA Activation in 2001, I was told it would unify my aura, making my whole, integrated self available. At the time, it took 7 years to integrate. At this point, 15 years later, I experienced unification with my whole self, way beyond the aura. I experience myself as one with existence.  We are the I AM presence and this is how it feels to experience at each level of existence.  This is what is available now, to map yourself up into the fields of existence.  When you do, then you are there and can begin to live with these powers integrated within you.

Along with all of that, DNA activation makes your full self available to you here and now in the physical. It increases your intuitive guidance, and internal sense of direction in life. It increases your potential and access to your power. It also activates all others that share your DNA; where they match you, they will also be activated. This increase the light in family systems so that over time, old, stuck family patterns can drop away. 

This past year I had the experience of fully integrating and expanding out into the three levels.  Consciously, and unifying at each level, as the I AM.

IF you are interested in embodying your divinity at all levels of existence, It starts with the Sofia DNA Restoration and Activation and The Holy Vessel First Heaven Attunement.  Check it out.

If you have not had this activation yet, now is a great time to do so. Time has accelerated to the point that the activation only takes 3 years instead of 7 to integrate the aura. 

Sofia DNA Restoration and Activation

Holy Vessel First Heaven Attunement

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