The holistic therapy sessions that I have had with Molly this last year have helped bring me through some really tough spots that my conventional therapist (who is also incredible) and I were stuck in. This is where the psychic part of her work is very helpful in identifying where the issue is and then walking me through how what we are seeing is related to what is currently happening and then being able to clear the energy of that so that I no longer reference it in my psyche and life. It really helped me move leaps and bounds forward moving through my “stuff.” Sometimes we just need another persons help and I am grateful to have her guidance as she is always turning me back to my own inner voice.
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Javana Rae, D.D.S.

What does it mean to have Self Mastery?

When we gain access to how and why we become reactive, stressed, and how to get free then we gain access to our self mastery

Learn how to use the technology of Seeking to gain insight into your programming and get yourself free!  

This is Holistic Therapy teaches you the Psyche System and Psyche Tracking skills that restore the lineage of completion that we have lost as a humanity, so that you can always get yourself free.

What does it mean to complete your past?

Completing your past means going in after yourself in the past and processing the wounds that house the behavioral patterns, defenses, stuck emotions and all that goes with them.

The incompletions that keep you feeling and acting as if you are stuck, separate, angry, depressed, frustrated, resistant to life and others, insecure, unstable, anxious, neurotic, arrogant, addicted, puffed up, hiding, and all the other ways our inner wounds manifest. 

I have developed an active and direct, yet highly compassionate and empathic processing style that gets to the root of origin and causes completion. I call it Quantum Self Mastery. It utilizes an understanding of quantum theory  of how we, as humans, exist in time.  Our memories still exist in time, our suffering continues until incomplete events are completed.  

Holistic Therapy is for you if: 

You are tired of not feeling in love with yourself and your life. 

You have been seeking true freedom from your limitations and dysfunctional ways of being with yourself and others.

You long to express yourself in ways you find you just don’t have access to right now.

Get complete with Holistic Therapy using Psyche Tracking 

  • Private, confidential, safe space to process your past
  • Intuitively guided
  • Art assisted (optional)
  • Confidential
  • Individualized Care Plan

Holistic Therapy Sessions $130 per hour

Holistic Therapy addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit. All levels must be addressed for full healing. I recommend a Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting to start, to make sure your energy system is clear and functional. Psyche Tracking Sessions directly address the content that is holding you back. Body Partnership is an important part as well and we can talk about what is needed in these sessions.

Psyche Tracking sessions target sets of anchors contributing to troublesome issues like being criticized, anger issues, and being judgmental. First we note how many pieces there are to a troublesome pattern; Typically 10-40. Then we track through each of these pieces one by one in time and circumstance in a targeted way meeting the needs that were not met, processing and completing the experience as needed. Our programing is embedded in time, within our psyche system. An unprocessed wound will stay anchored at it’s point of origin and up through time, looping into the holographic feedback loop that is our direct interface with our perceived reality. This literally compels others to play out our programming for us. The listening of the wound pulls for it to show up. Others can’t help but be pulled into it. This is our design. This is why even when you change partners, you still have the same issues showing up over and over again. When you are able to process and complete the wound at it’s origin, it is no longer in time, not the past and not the present and not the pulling for experience holographically. It disappears when you get to the root of it. This is like therapy on steroids as it gets right to the roots of the problem so that your content is no longer listening for that old wound to show up in everyone that steps into your field.


Here are some of the symptoms/behaviors that have disappeared using Psyche Tracking:

Nasty critical voice / mental perspective

        • Sexual fixation
        • Food fixation
        • Alcohol fixation
        • Co-Dependence
        • Invalidation issues
        • Specific hurts and resentments
        • Generalized anger
        • Shame
        • Mental voices/fixed perspectives
        • Overly sensitive to criticism/other’s opinions
        • Self-critical habit
        • Body pains/trauma anchors
        • Trauma
        • Sexual health issues
        • Emptiness
        • Self-absorption
        • Going cold/shutting down emotionally
        • Physical trigger points
        • Inability to tolerate disagreement
        • Boundary issues
        • Gender dysphoria
        • Negative expectations

What’s been gained through Psyche Tracking:

        • Self-love, acceptance, and compassion
        • Clarity
        • Confidence
        • Ability to connect with others in a healthier way
        • Peace
        • Resolution of past experiences and relationships
        • Freedom to respond rather than react to life
        • Boundaries and permission to use them
        • Knowing you matter as much as others

If you are interested in working through your own issues with these methods, contact me at, 734-417-8317. 

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Be the Light House of Wisdom 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
Be the Light House of Wisdom
Thank you for being part of my healing journey and breaking through the illusion. One family <3
Be the Light House of Wisdom

Thank you for your skillful listening and partnership! Thank you for being the amazing teacher, healer and mentor you are! I am so deeply grateful to be in your Psyche System class series right now.

Be the Light House of Wisdom
I thought class went great. I felt that the content was comprehensive and that it was easy to follow
Be the Light House of Wisdom
All hail, Molly, Avatar of awesomeness, harbinger of healing, bringer of bliss, dispeller of Drumpfitude!
Be the Light House of Wisdom
If you are looking for a therapist to help you work through your dysfunctional programs, I recommend Molly.  My most recent session with Molly was beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, we worked through long-standing issues that even with a background in healing plagued me for years. Secondly, I was able to use the completion process she taught me to engage in a meaningful dialog with my body. This was a useful and wonderful addition to the methods I had already learned from her and pushed me forward with my self-healing. Molly is an extremely gifted healer and will help you realize your own genius and connection to the light. Her guidance will help you walk your own path with ease, grace and more divinity than most people would imagine possible.  If you have long-standing issues that you have struggled with for years, Molly can help you liberate yourself to experience freedom from your old programming.” 
Be the Light House of Wisdom

“The main difference I have noticed is that there is spaciousness in my mind.  The constant commentary is gone.  I get to choose, what – if anything, I give my attention to.  I can sit a long time in silence.   I love to be in inquiry so I engage in fascinating periods of seeking internal wisdom.  My channel is clear.  I ask. I listen. I receive. “

Be the Light House of Wisdom
“She is something else…Something out of this world.”
Be the Light House of Wisdom
I have to tell you, I’ve gotten more out of this class in the last 4 weeks than I ever imagined!