Holy Vessel Attunement Program: Advance Your Spiritual Awakening. Enhance Your Life. 

The Holy Vessel Attunement Program is for those who are interested in dramatically advancing their spiritual awakening and attunement, self-realization, and life enhancement. 

In the Holy Vessel Attunement Program, you will be initiated into the Family of One led by the Holy Mother, Father, Christ and Holy Spirit. This attunement is the first step to birthing yourself into the greater field. Over time, and with the Tree of Life Field Awakening, one can become a conscious Avatar for the Divine Self. This level is about overcoming the lower self and coming into service to the Divine. 

During the Holy Vessel Attunement Program, you will learn about the multidimensional fields and what kinds of beings exist on each of these dimensions, about the structure and design of existence, and will be given tools for connecting and being in partnership with your Higher dimensional Selves for the purpose of service and self-mastery.  

How You’ll Benefit:

During the Holy Vessel Attunement Program, Molly will help you harness your innate spiritual powers to create more harmony, peace, love, prosperity, and beauty in your life! 

Here are some of the other benefits that you can gain from the Holy Vessel Attunement Program:

  • Attunes you to the Field of Christ who holds the first heaven
  • You begin to work as a Holy Vessel with the Christ in the World according to your Masterpiece of the Great work that you are here to unfold for humanity
  • Opens the vertical path of your multidimensional self
  • Scaffolds you into the First Heaven level of existence so that you can grow into yourself there and through the 12 physical dimensions
  • Get access to being taught from within by your multidimensional selves and personal center of the Divine One.
  • Gain support and direction from your multidimensional selves
  • Receive Divine protection
  • Be a Servant of Light!

Paint in Partnership with your Higher Self

A transformative part of Holy vessel Program is taking a journey within to meet and speak with your Holy Self and the Christ. We then paint in partnership representing and externalizing our journey into the physical to support us in integrating these higher energies and consciousness.

Join Us! 

Awaken your higher self. Advance your spiritual awakening and attunement. Enhance your life. 

Molly invites you to join the upcoming Holy Vessel Attunement Program this April 4 & 5, 2020! 

This event will be live streamed online through https://zoom.us/ at 4PM – 9PM EST Saturday, April 4 and at 4PM – 9PM EST on Sunday, April 5. 

Application and registration must be completed at least 1 week before the program starts for processing. 

Application Process

Please fill out this questionnaire and email it to mollyindura@gmail.com

This Path is NOT for everyone. One must have a strong spiritual foundation on which to build this House.  

This path is for individuals who have been seeking the highest service of their being.

Always wanting more from Above and Within. Always going deeper into yourself to find that connection you know is there but has felt far away and elusive.

Christ is a shared field into Whom you are invited.

This is Your Call.  It’s time to Come OHM to the Family of One.

The value and suggested donation for the Holy Vessel Attunement Program is $555. 

If it works in your personal economy to give the full value of a program, it is certainly welcome and encouraged. If it does not, then what is your inner wisdom saying is equity for you? There are a limited number of scholarship options per course.  Do be sure there is equity so that you are free to receive all that is offered. 

Other Programs Available 

Be sure to schedule the Prerequisite to Holy Vessel: Dimensional Field Activation! 

After completing the Holy Vessel Attunement Program, you will gain access to:

You must first complete the Holy Vessel Attunement Program as all of these require higher levels of light and access to receive. This is because doing mystical work and healing requires a greater level of light, protection and true discernment. 

Who better to convince you of the Holy Vessel Attunement Program’s value than our ever-valued clients? Find out what past clients have to say about the Holy Vessel Attunement Program. “Hi Molly I just want to thank you 🙏. From myself, my higher self and heart ❤️ Thank you 💗. I feel the happiest and lightest today I have ever felt !! I am so beyond excited for this next year ! I feel a sense of relief and knowing at the same time .. in a long time. You are giving me a plan... something I lost.... because mine was out of a-line ment. I knew I was in the right place .... but when you literally sat with me in my attunment my heart knew . I don’t know where I am going ... but it’s right .... it’s my North 🙏. I thank you my friend.... and I am ready Freddie 💞 “ Lisa
Lisa Fountain
Spiritual Coach