We set out to Gather in Freedom as Freed OMs.

Holy Vessel Field Attunement

Free Yourself

Awaken your Being & Serve the Purpose of Your Masterpiece.

In this attunement we are born into the Family of One—The One being of US in through the dimensional fields. 

This is held by the Holy Mother, Father, Christ and Holy Spirit. 

This attunement is the first step to birthing yourself into the greater field. Over time, and with the Tree of Life Awakening, one can become a conscious Avatar for the Divine self. This level is about overcoming the lower self and coming into service to the whole of One.

Here you are used according to the service contract you initiate with life and will be informed directly what that is through seeking according to the Masterpiece you painted with the divine before you came in to this Human System. 

You will learn about the multidimensional fields and your place within them, about the structure and design of existence, and will be given tools for connecting and being in partnership with your Higher selves for the purpose of service and self mastery.


The Holy Vessel Self Mastery Deck

The Holy Vessel Mastery Deck As with all Be the Light Wisdom School Programs, this course has a deck of mastery cards available that will allow you to remain connected to the information and concepts received in the course. These cards are used in your daily check in so that you can be in conversation with and informed by your Higher Self with whom you are in co-creative partnership. This comprehensive and foundational set includes: Rituals Prayers Tools Senses Dimensional Fields Chakras Brain States
3 Heavens 5 questions 7 Directions 7 Hermetic Principles 4 worlds Tree of Life Archangels $111. (optional)

Paint in Partnership with your Higher Self

A transformative part of Holy vessel Program is taking a journey within to meet and speak with your Holy Self and the Christ. We then paint in partnership representing and externalizing our journey into the physical to support us in integrating these higher energies and consciousness.

How You’ll Benefit:

  • Attunes you to the Field of Christ who holds the first heaven
  • You begin to work as a Holy Vessel with the Christ in the World according to your Masterpiece of the Great work that you are here to unfold for humanity
  • Opens the vertical path of your multidimensional self
  • Scaffolds you into the First Heaven level of existence so that you can grow into yourself there and through the 12 physical dimensions
  • Get access to being taught from within by your multidimensional selves
  • Gain support and direction from your multidimensional selves
  • Receive Divine protection
  • Be a Servant of Light!

Access More Programs

This attunement is the foundation for all other courses at Be The Light School

After receiving the Holy Vessel Attunement you will gain access to being able to take the Mystic Training, The Psyche System, and The Tree of Life Field Awakening which require higher levels of light and access to receive. 

Gain access to freedom, discernment, wisdom and direction from within through partnership with your higher self.  

The Holy Vessel connects you directly into the Christ consciousness field so that you can be related to the true pure Christ energy and align yourself with The Will that was given to you when you were created.

Unfortunately the words and will of Christ have been deeply distorted by religious powers and it is imperative for us to seek on the true Holy Will for ourselves and our lives. now is the time to come home.  The rising of the Sun is happening within each of us. We are the Suns of the Earth. 

I invite you into a direct relationship with existence in which you have access to the sensory perceptive powers that you were designed to have access to that allow you to navigate the fields of being that you are.

Don’t take my word for anything; learn how to see and know for yourself

When you can see and perceive existence directly you can no longer be manipulated by the powers that are trying to dominate control and disenfranchise humanity

Discernment begins with alignment and attunement to the holy powers of the Family of One including the Father God the Divine Mother Who is the field of light her self in the form of the Cosmic mother, Amma  who holds the physical fields of existence and the Christ who is the god of this world holding the first heaven 

Next Attunement:

August 16 & 17th, 2019

11am-4pm MST

Application and Registration must be completed at least 1 week prior to the program start date for processing. 

Application process:  

Please fill out this questionnaire (button below)

Write Molly an email to schedule your interview: mollyindura@gmail.com

This Path is NOT for everyone. Pigs are flying! One must have a strong foundation on which to build this House.  

This path is for individuals who have been seeking their entire lives, always spiritually curious.  Always wanting more from Above and Within.  Always going deeper into yourself to find that connection you know is there but has felt far away.  Or maybe it has begun to come online for you already. 

Christ is a shared field into Whom you are invited.

Staying in the Christ Field, however, actually takes something.  To remain at a level of purity of mind, charity of heart, love of God and Humility in service according to your masterpiece that you have been given from your creator to fulfill. As the Higher Being you already are. 

*If these are qualities you are ongoingly called to cultivate in yourself; This is Your Call.  It’s time to Come OM to the Family of One. 


Be sure to schedule your Prerequisite:   Dimensional Field Activation

Value and Suggested donation for Holy Vessel: 


All Be the Light Journey programs are donation based making the question about awakening yourself and not about having enough to feed yourself or pay rent. If it works in your personal economy to give the full value of a program, it is certainly welcome and encouraged.

If it does not, then what is your inner wisdom saying is equity for you? Give that. This is between you and the Divine. I am paid by the Divine and I trust Them completely.

Consider however, that the equity is important for the energy to be able to flow to you.  If it does not match in value, you may have issues in receiving.  

50% of proceeds go directly to serve the Will of the Family of One in the world.