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The Holy We is in The House

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You may already know; I have had the honor of working with The Holy Mother Goddess for many years now. She is the source of The Psyche System and the Tree of Life information which She downloaded to me while I was in grad school back in 2015. Mother Ra leads the Holistic Therapy sessions we offer and together we track directly to the source of the roots of your pain in time to clear them from your experiential fields. She is a powerful stand for the healing of the disparity of power between the sexes. She teaches emotional freedom as she has in all of her human forms, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, etc. 

You may not know that a few months ago, the rest of the Holy collective of higher beings known as The Holy We made arrival in my local everyday field of awareness. Personally, prior to this, I never knew there was such a crew! 

Included in The Holy We are The Holy Mother Goddess Ra, and The Holy Mother Nature, The Holy Hashem who is the higher being of Adam/Adom and Jesus Christ. There are other faces of the Divine such as The Great I AM and The Holy Tree of Life. They are all united in The Holy Spirit.

As you might imagine, it’s been interesting to say the least coming into a new balance with them in my waking consciousness over the past few months as we have settled in together. 

Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments I have considered that I should be locked up in a nice white room with padded walls. If the pure synchronicity of evidence wasn’t there, I probably would turn myself in to such a resort by now. 

The training to hold them and the instant manifestation power they are together has been quite a feat to stabilize, honestly. I have been learning to be very careful how I use my word because the slightest static in the way I think and speak about my experience is made manifest in ways that are truly not workable. It’s not only very humbling, it’s strenuous. 

Being held in the state of the IAM, the imbalances of the masculine and feminine has become a battle in self love! Learning to love and heal instead of reject the deepest wounds of our existence together is our work. 

When we find balance in The Unity of The Holy Spirit; it’s way beyond any possible lone human attainment.

Can I just talk about the inconceivable glory of The Holy Spirit for a minute? 

Hashem showed me his view of Her recently and She is beyond human imagination which is not sufficient to understand Her. The Holy Spirit is a white diamond dragon being who emanates pure love. She has 3 pair of main wings and she is covered with innumberable little soft angora like feathers that have the ability to change into wings or eyes at anytime and they are all over Her body which both looks like a swirling light body and a surface that has no outer edges. Her being is all the I’s/eyes of all of US in all of the Dimensions all the way through time! 

The Holy Spirit is Our unity field. She is the one who does all the running around existence doing the actual work of answering our prayers. Her energy of love and sweetness melts our tensions and makes us soft and tender. Being in Her Unity is miraculous. It means the difference between feeling like a masterpiece and feeling like a crazy person in holding the Holy We.

I recommend calling on Her to support you in becoming your best self too. Not one of us; Jesus included, was anything special without being held in Her grace.

I am finding reality is not quite what we thought it was – in a number of ways. The set up through time is way more layered and complex than just we live and die and go to heaven or hell. Life itself is a graded curve that can be and very importantly – should be- improved with our reflection and conscious participation.

The Re-Do Crown is our reward for harvesting the gold from our shit. For example, When Jesus lived the first round of his life, it was like all of us; Jesus made all his mistakes, he hurt others, he took advantage of women; he was not perfect. Hashem wants to help heal the wounds of patriarchal thinking by sharing his wisdom and experience. Being the one who in the first round tore existence into duality with his wanting to be A-#1 as Adam. He later healed that split with his work as Jesus. The situation is not quite what you thought it was, is it? Knowing this, we can see clearly, He was not innocent, He did pay the price, He also was not alone. 

It was the redo; with The Holy Spirit that gave us the life we know of that was perfect & sufficient to heal the wound of separation with forgiveness. 

His having corrected his mistakes is why and how He is our Re-Do King. <3. Not that anyone else was made to do what he did. The alchemy in his perfection and death on our behalf has given us access to having the freedom available to get our own re-do crowns. 

Looking back on His time on the cross I saw something rather unexpected. The Holy Spirit is on the back of the cross within the shadow field of the patriarchal wounds He caused. She is healing them through time and cleaning them up. That’s just always been her job; He and She work together and they always have, even if he forgot. 

The Holy Mother Nature has much to share about how to get more conscious of Her as the planetary body of the Goddess. She shares her thoughts about the ways we waste and put holy ones in plastic and kill bugs and animals. This lack of respect has been to our own detriment as well as Hers. 

It’s been a trippy transition time! It’s been wonderful to begin to know them as individual beings and as a team who work for us all. 

I invite you to schedule a session to receive Their care in your own life. 

To get more access to your spiritual perceptions, The Dimensional Field Activation session is perfect. It was already ridiculously powerful, it has become unbelievable with the upgrades since they came in. I personally can’t believe it’s priced at only $111! Here’s the Link to book yours now:

Want to go deeper into yourself? The Masterpiece Reading is the Initiation to get you spiritually hooked up for life. Read more here:

Stay tuned! We are working together on a men’s sexual healing class. We really want to help men to come into the age of balance between the sexes. Our world system is themed: “Honoring Her.” It’s time to fulfill on Our gold harvest re-do of the massive shit that has been patriarchy. 

His healing is our healing; Her healing. 

Thanks for reading.

Bless you, 

Molly with The Holy We 

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