Energy Work/Healing

I am so very exited to introduce

The Masterpiece Reading

Available starting March 1st, 2020

A look into who you are and what you are here for.  This reading gives real clues to the answers to your great questions of existence. This reading is life directive and eternally so about who you are as a higher being. 

I HIGHLY recommend you allow me to continue to support you in awakening to your full multidimensional potential.  This is an intro to your Divine One.  Go deeper! 

New and Beginning when we open the Oahu Be The Light = HOW shop which will also be available online. 

Options for going deeper with your Masterpiece reading:

Going Deeper Option One 

Hat of the Holy Spirit

Create your own Hat of the Holy Spirit.  The Masterpiece Reading covers the 12 areas of life.  You can choose a Gem bead for every intention created to move in alignment with your Masterpiece.  This becomes the hat band and then I consecrate your hat with the support of the Holy Spirit and pull in the attention of your own Divine One to begin to live in Partnership with the rest of you.  Continue this by awakening your field with the Dimensional Field Activation. 

Going Deeper Option 2


Pick out your Self Conversation Journal and a pen or a set of pens to work with. 

In this you want to give sections to write your 12 house Masterpiece puzzle pieces and the intentions with which you’re moving forward in creation.  This Journal is for the creations to unfold.  

There are Self Mastery Cards for guiding you in being & living in partnership with your own self lineage through the Dimensions.  These are only available through Taking the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery… and that will get you all the way there… more on that here.. but back to your Present moment choices to start that Partnership!  

Going Deeper Option Three

Go All in on yourself!  

6 Month Self Mastery Life Coaching along with 

The Journey of PartnerShip & Self Mastery

Life Diagnostic & Full System Troubleshooting

Are you ready to be clear? When you are feeling blocked, apathetic, or low energy, a full system energy clearing and balancing session can get to the source of the imbalance in your system, get you clear, reconnected and feeling great fast.

In this reading and healing session, I will tell you what I see in your systems; physical, chakras, aura layers, higher spiritual levels, and any other pictures that relate to your issues which should give a pretty good idea of where your issues lie and clear out the energy causes for it that I can find.

I will look at core issues in your programming, relationships and life. We can look into anything that you are concerned about or struggling with. Often in these sessions we get to the core of issues and patterns that you have been dealing with your whole life. Releasing these blockages creates a new freedom and flow in your life.  Sometimes we find more chronic issues that may take a few more sessions to clear fully. I typically recommend this session quarterly to keep you feeling clear and connected so you can be powerful in living your purpose.

This session entails a full troubleshooting of your energy system. It includes:

  • Your aura and chakras on all layers to see where you are stuck in your life, in your mind and in your emotions
  • Your higher dimensional levels to make sure all is well and clear, and fix any anomalies
  • Your relationship to your life path at this time.
  • Work and outer world whether that is school or a job or self employment
  • Learn where the “light is” in your life to see what’s calling you
  • Heal anomalies in your field
  • Remove negative energies and entities
  • Gain more understanding about yourself
  • Get reconnected to Earth and Source within
  • Remove blockages in physical and Etheric bodies that hold chronic pain
  • Relationships—understand dynamics in your relationship; compatibility, longevity, who’s coming in, patterns running from your childhood

Also available (just ask):

  • Your spirit guide team
  • Moving
  • Look at dynamics in other relationships; children, parents, friends.
  • Anything else on which you would like insight

$175, or $225 with Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

An emotional cord cutting severs all of the cords to everyone in your life, giving you a fresh start by allowing you to make new connections free of the drama that has built up from the past between you and others. This is especially helpful if you have a negative attachment to someone, such as a break up or a smothering friend or parent.This helps you develop autonomy, enables you to hold your own space, and set boundaries (maybe for the first time!) This service is highly recommended at least once a year for a fresh start.

Psyche Tracking Sessions

Psyche Tracking sessions target sets of anchors contributing to troublesome issues like being criticized, anger issues, and being judgmental. First we note how many pieces there are to a troublesome pattern; Typically 10-40. Then we track through each of these pieces one by one in time and circumstance in a targeted way meeting the needs that were not met, processing and completing the experience as needed. Our programing is embedded in time, within our psyche system. An unprocessed wound will stay anchored at it’s point of origin and up through time, looping into the holographic feedback loop that is our direct interface with our perceived reality. This literally compels others to play out our programming for us. The listening of the wound pulls for it to show up. Others can’t help but be pulled into it. This is our design. This is why even when you change partners, you still have the same issues showing up over and over again. When you are able to process and complete the wound at it’s origin, it is no longer in time, not the past and not the present and not the pulling for experience holographically. It disappears when you get to the root of it. This is like therapy on steroids as it gets right to the roots of the problem so that your content is no longer listening for that old wound to show up in everyone that steps into your field.

$120 per hour

Other Services

Distance Healing

Just need some healing fast? I do distance healings. Just message me with what’s going on and as soon as I am able I will check in and clear out the blockages in your field and body. I will likely have it done before I have a chance to email you back, but I will confirm and tell you what I did. (please put what is going on in the Paypal notes section)


Book a party reading!

$175 for first hour | $150 for each additional hour.
Minimum 2 hours. Price may vary depending on location and driving time.

Pet Readings & Healings

Yes, your pets have chakras too! This reading looks at what is going on with your pet, why they are behaving the way they are and also intervenes by clearing the chakras that are affected by what ever trauma they are experiencing. 

$90 / 30min.

Charms & Cards Reading

This reading combines a Charms board, a set of Tarot cards and the Tree of Life Deck.  Combined with looking at your field and pulling it all together to give you insights on your life and experience.

This fun reading is insightful and directive.  Available in 15 minute increments

15 min $45

30 min $90

45 min $135

60 min $175 

In person in Kailua, Oahu or on Zoom