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Life Mastery Coaching Program
"I would not have been at this place on my journey without our work together. Arriving now where I though I would be several years ago, I kept obstacles or circumstances in place because I didn’t realise I needed to shed what no longer serves me. Our coaching sessions hone in on strategies & techniques and it all comes back to the essential questions of who am I and what am I doing here, these techniques help me take off layers that were blocking my progress."
​Dr. Lisa Quintis​

In 12 sessions over 6 months we will go deeper into your Masterpiece of the Great Work which was revealed in your Masterpiece Reading with House Oracle, Molly Indura

  • Together we will Plant Seeds, Feed, Water & Harvest your gold & fruits.
  • Each session in may include
  • Going deeper into this area of your life.
  • Support in being your best self and fulfilling your destiny.
  • Focus on drilling down on living as your Masterpiece in each area of your life.  
  • Defining in order to dream
  • Discerning what’s calling you
  • Partnership guidance, how you can live Having You With You instead of feeling like you have to go it alone.

Troubleshooting to keep you clear as needed: 

  • Chakras/Aura
  • Tree of Life 
  • Psyche System
  • Shared Fields
  • Dimensions
  • Negative Energy Removal