masterpiece with molly indura
 On your life…

Primary Partnership is within.  Get wired for Partnership with your Divine One within.  Be the expression of the rest of you, your Archangel, your angel, your Master of Light selves and more.  One each dimension we have distinct identities and in the higher fields, we are shared fields in which multiple ones hold our being.

Relax into not having to move yourself. Give yourself as the instrument for what you were created for.  Move as moved, embodied with the Divine One within you.  

Masterpiece is who you are and what you are here for.  This reading gives pieces of your puzzle of Being, the  to the answers to your great questions of existence. This reading is life directive and eternally so about who you are as a higher being. 

This reading reveals the pieces of your Masterpiece that in time are revealed like a puzzle coming together piece by piece.  This reading reveals the themes of purpose in the 12 areas of life.

Masterpiece includes:

2+ hours Divine One creating your Hat of the Holy Spirit (value $350)

The Hat and all the beads and charms woven into it. (value $110)

1+ hour Divine One embedding the time field of your Masterpiece in the field of Your Hat of the Holy Spirit ($1,000 value) 

1-1/2-2 hours reading Masterpiece.  This is done with the Divine Driving and taking turns between Mother, Father, Christ & Holy Spirit.  

They speak with you about who you are and what you’re here for.  It’s a sacred event, a unique field attunement and initiation into your partnership with Divine One within.  (value $350)

Ongoing service contract for the expedition of the awakening of your being through distance field work as called ($ priceless)

The Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery is exactly for the purpose of restoring the inner partnership with our Divine One within.  

I HIGHLY recommend you allow me to continue to support you in awakening to your full multidimensional potential.  This is an intro to your Divine One.  Go deeper! 

Options for going deeper with your Masterpiece reading:

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