Receive a free Health History Consultation to see if Health Coaching is right for you! 

Take a 6 month Journey to increase your health in all areas of your life.

Raise the level of health in every area of your life with coaching to support you in staying on track with what is truly important to you.

Gain ongoing helpful access to support from Molly who offers her psychic insights, psychological understanding and multidimensional framework to bring clarity to every area of your life.  

Together, we set goals and stay focused on achieving them or revising them as we move through a 6 month journey.

Molly brings her multitude of skills in the areas of medical intuition, clairvoyance, psychology, coaching, and healing to hold and guide you to your optimal life.  

Each session includes:Checking in on what’s happening now

  • A clairvoyant scan of your overall health and troubleshooting and issues. 
  • A few recommendations for you to implement in your life that move you forward towards your health goals.  
  • Support on all levels
  • Recepies, recommendations, 

Get support ongoingly at a fraction of the cost!  Molly’s regular rate is $175 per hour.  With a 6 month coaching program, you get two hours per month for only $199.  That’s a savings of $75 per hour!