The nonprofit Be The Light, is about the Family of One getting their work done here in the endgame of the Creation Story.  

Donations go to two purposes;  to fund The Will of the Divine in manifest and to make restoration of Self lineage available to the Family called H*OM*E

Purpose 1#

To fund The Manifest Will of The Family of One. Headed by the Holy Family. The Mother, Father, Christ and Holy Spirit.  Seeded by US, their children and physical selves in expression.  

Including travel on mission trips to facilitate The Will For Humanity to places like Bethlehem on the Summer Solstice this year where the Ark was anchored onto the planet.  

The Ark is the Womb of the Cosmic Mother who has given Birth to the Star of the Earth. She  is now taking her Throne to live with us, Her Children.  

She is restoring an age of peace to Humanity.  

Including funding projects like The Shared Field Project, a technological interface designed and used to facilitate the Technology of Awakening; seeking, and rendering a big picture making connections between events, times, people, signs, etc. 

Purpose #2

For Family of One Oms to be able to get access to the teachings of the Family.  To attune to the rest of their self lineage and bring partnership online as the Avatar. 

To restore the lost lineages of Self as multi-dimensional beings living in partnership with us! 

All Journey Programs are donation based on personal economy equivalency and inner direction.  

Journey programs include :

The Dimensional Field Activation 

Holy Vessel Field Attunement

Living in Partnership; Mystic Training 

Psyche System and the Hologram

Tree of Life Field Awakening