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March 3, 2020

Learn to live in Partnership with yourself, others and all of Life

Mystic Training is about making your Higher Self your primary partner in life. 

Your Higher Self is the part of you that lives in the un-manifest, that is one with the Divine, that always knows what is in your highest good and keeps you informed.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We can take the effort to live  in conscious partnership with the rest of us to achieve our highest potential while we are in the physical experience.

What does that make available?  A rich, full, empowering, embodied life in which you live naturally, aligned in each moment with what is yours to do.  Knowing which direction in which to move.   

This course gives you the skills to navigate life in Partnership (Your multidimensionality is brought online through Sofia Light Code Activation and field attunements -also available from

Mystic Training is based in the technology of awakening which is Seeking. Seeking is the means with which we work in partnership with ourselves, others and all of life. 

Mystic Training is for You if:

  • You are tired of not feeling in love with yourself and your life.
  • You are inspired by Intuitive arts and know you are a mystic but don’t know how to get there yet!
  • You have some natural intuitive ability opening up but don’t know how to access it consciously
  • You are curious about intuition and how you can tap into it for yourself and others
  • You want to be a conscious co-creator with your Divine Self

Mystic Training is a 6 week live online intensive in which you will learn and engage in developing and strengthening your intuition. 

This will enable you to live in conscious and active partnership with yourself to fulfill the Masterpiece you are here to unfold.

Note: This is not a dousing or how to use a pendulum course. This is straight up direct contact. Get wired up directly to get your own information, no outside tools needed.


This course will include:

  • 6 weekly live webinars
  • The Ebook- Mystic’s Tool Book by Molly Indura with easy reference visual teaching cards
  • Weekly Practice sessions with your mystic buddy

Mystic Training will teach you to use seeking to:

1. Receive information directly from within 

2. Reveal the Masterpiece that is yours to share with the world

3. Manifest support and alignment in life.

Access your intuitive wisdom

Using the process of seeking, you can receive anything you would like to know.  This course contains numerous tools that you can use to read and troubleshoot the energy fields of yourself and others.

Reveal Your Masterpiece of the Great Work

Seeking activity can inform you directly of what is yours to be do and have in the world according to your purpose


Seeking can be used to manifest what you need to support you in your life and your service work.

The Next 6 Week Mystic Training begins 

March 3, 2020

Mystic Training Course Details
Weekly on Tuesdays for 6 Weeks
starting March 3, 2020
Start times across the timezones:
Hawaii 4:00 pm
Arizona 7:00 pm
Central 8:00 pm
Eastern 9:00 pm


  • 6 Weekly Live Online Mystic Training Sessions
  • 6 Weekly practice sessions to help you gain mastery as a mystic!
  • Manual with tools and instructions
  • Mystic Training Self Mastery Deck
  • Personalized support, coaching and mentoring 
  • Holding the field of learning to support you in energetically integrating your tools and skills.


The Dimensional Field Activation

The Holy Vessel Field Attunement

Value and Suggested Donation:


Amount according to your individual calling and equity.  Feel free to make multiple donations, just let me know the plan in the notes section of your donation. 

All Be the Light Journey programs are donation based making the question about awakening yourself and not about having enough to feed yourself or pay rent. If it works in your personal economy to give the full value of a program, it is certainly welcome and encouraged. If it doesn’t, then what is your inner wisdom saying is equity for you? Give that. This is between you and the Divine. I am paid by the Divine and I trust Them completely.

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