Mystic Training

The Value of Mystic Training is $555.  If it works in your personal economy to give the full value of a program, it is certainly welcome and encouraged. If it doesn’t, then what is your inner wisdom saying is equity for you? Give that.


Learn to live in Partnership with yourself, others and all of Life

Living in Partnership is about making your Higher Self your primary partner in life. Your Higher Self is the Part of you that lives in the un-manifest.  Guess what?! We are are actually multidimensional!  There are 12 physical dimensions and on each of these dimensions we have distinct identities and capacities that we can access and bring on line.  What does that make available?  A rich, full, empowering, embodied life in which you live naturally, aligned in each moment with what is yours to do.  Knowing which direction in which to move. This course gives you the skills to navigate life in Partnership (Your multidimensionality is brought online through DNA Activation and field attunements -also available from Living in Partnership is based in the technology of awakening which is Seeking. Seeking is the means with which we work in partnership with ourselves, others and all of life.

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