The Human Psyche System

a Self Psychology Course

Learn to live in partnership with yourself as an access to healing your past freeing you for the life you love! 

You will learn the secrets of the human psyche; what it is, how it works and what it takes to get it clear for you to move forward without continuing to reference your past programs and wounds.

Molly Indura, MSW is a Master’s level Therapist and Spiritual Guide who has been teaching individuals and groups how to navigate their inner realms for over 20 years. 

Has the isolation made you realize you’re not doing so great?

Have you been struggling with a consistently low vibe, that you are having trouble shaking?

Do you feel like you just can’t make yourself snap out of it?

Are you feeling lost and aimless?

Have you felt dissatisfied with yourself and your experience of life?  

Are you stuck living according to shoulds, have to’s, obligations, frustration, impatience, procrastination, a constant pea porridge of too hot or too cold, or not enough or not this, not that.  

Are you feeling unsettled and dead inside with what you’re doing with your life and to what you’re giving your attention, time and energy to; things that do not give you life?

Do you want to learn how to refocus on and move with what is important?

Feel More Connected

Those who have taken this path consistently report feeling exponentially more alive, animated and connected with themselves and The Divine as they move forward in the purpose path of their being.

Learning to navigate the Psyche System is a huge part of freeing yourself from what you have grown up into, a lineage of wounding, reactivity and deadness.

Come learn how to be the One you have been waiting for.  

In this course,I hold your hand and teach you a self psychology you can use to free yourself from negative emotional states anchored in your past.

What we give our will to grows in our field.  What is growing in you?

I’ve been there too

Once was a time in life I was so stuck in old hurts & wounds from my past that I wondered if I would ever live a “normal life”; a life in which I felt clear, happy, balanced and able to have healthy relationships with myself and others.  (not that most “normal” lives are that, am I right?) 

After engaging in talk therapy for 20+ years I found myself an expert in my stories, somewhat more balanced and informed but still largely stuck in automatic behaviors. 

There were things I did that helped, EMDR, Neurofeedback- these were miraculous for me.  But still under it all, even though I was no longer stuck in PTSD or depressed, I was still dissatisfied with myself and my life.  

In 2014 I was called to go back to get my Masters Degree in Social Work at University of Michigan.  

During this program, the intuitive skills I had developed over the years of training were applied to the material I was studying; The Human Psyche.  

My stuff came up so I claimed the opportunity to go through the old content again, but I using my mystic mind, I will get the keys for how to get free and stay free for good.  This is exactly what happened, I downloaded the entire form and function of the Human Psyche System and how it’s part of our experiential matrix of interrelatedness. 

It took me personally about 4 years working full time with the tools I am going to teach you, but piece by piece I freed myself from all the wounds and incompletions that were driving my dysfunctional life.  The truth is, I was really stuck in my asshole… and these tools allowed me to set that down for good, as well as all the other manifestations of internalized wounds so that today, my mind is clear, peaceful and informed.  

Today, I am in love with myself and my life and I have an embodied partnership with Divine One, which is an incredible side benefit of clearing out your psyche system, it leaves you clear to embody your very being.  

I am honored to be able to share these miraculous tools for your freedom.  They give you access to The Divine within You which makes a new way of living life alive available to you.  

Learn How to Complete the Past

Completing your past and being able to access your intuitive wisdom are intricately related. Clearing out the space in which your spirit is meant to reside with you in life, but has been occupied by your incomplete past causes your spirit to drop in and you become more conscious and related to yourself as your whole self. 

What does it mean to complete your past? Completing your past means going in after yourself in the past and processing the wounds that house the behavioral patterns, defenses, stuck emotions and all that goes with them. The incompletions that keep you feeling and acting as if you are stuck, separate, angry, depressed, frustrated, resistant to life and others, insecure, unstable, anxious, neurotic, arrogant, addicted, puffed up, hiding, and all the other ways our inner wounds manifest.

In this course,  I hold your hand and teach you a self psychology you can use to free yourself from negative emotional states anchored in your past.

In This Course You will receive:

  • Partner Ship with Your Divine One within.
  • Learn how we  perceive through our Holographic Feedback Loop of Creation
  • How we relate to each other and how we can come into right relationship
  • How to use curiosity to gain information from within
  • How to talk to yourself in a way that leaves you informed!
  • The lost lineages of Partnership and Completion
  • Why it’s important to tend to the self
  • How to live in partnership with your self, others, and all of life
  • A spiritual perspective on why we have been so stuck in our emotional baggage.  

  • Gain spiritually supportive resources for healing your past and setting yourself free in the present!

  • The components of the Psyche System and how they work together to create one’s reality
  • How to track and resolve unprocessed content through time to gain freedom
  • How to tell when one is in an alternate reality and how to reintegrate with the highest core path. 
  • How to be attuned to the right choices in the right time
  • Why to move yourself in what you need to fulfill your function of being. 
  •  The 5 Elements of Incompletion

It Includes:

  • 8 Online Trainings 
  • Video replays of each session
  • An ebook that you will have to reference throughout your practice. 

This is for you if: 

  • You’re an individual who wants to learn to navigate and heal your own  inner Psyche System 
  • You want to learn a self psychology you will have for the rest of your life to keep yourself clear and connected.  
  • Please be sure you’re resilient enough to stay centered as you learn to tend yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically in time. This is about increasing and supporting your mental health, not for deep trauma. 

Multiple Options based on your need for Support

As an option for support, I offer private, one-on-one sessions integrating my shamanic skillset with my proven therapeutic process and I am with you as we journey back to those times which are holding you hostage in the past. As such, I can guide you in what is needed to get complete so you can be free in this area as you move forward in your current life. 

This is designed to be a self psychology so as you work with yourself in the past you will learn how to do it on your own. Some may want more support than others so I am offering a variety of options so you can choose what feels best for you. 

Unfortunately, I only have so much time which means the number of people I can serve at these levels is limited. If you’re wanting more support, I highly recommend you grab your spot now! 

This class was sold out the last time I offered it so don’t wait!  


What Previous Students have said:


“I have to tell you, I’ve gotten more out of this class in the last 4 weeks than I ever imagined! I thought class was great. I felt that the content was comprehensive and that it was easy to follow”

Fortuna Cooley

I’ve been studying with Molly Indura for 2 years and it’s taken me on an exciting journey of light and love. I’m so grateful for her support through the ups and downs ascension brings.”

Ariel Staggs

“Thank you for being the amazing teacher and healer and mentor you are! I am so deeply grateful to be in your class series right now. Having all kinds of breakthroughs and healings. Awesome work!”

E. McCormick

“Working with Molly has completely changed my entire life in every way.” “I feel a huge connection to everything. I am more accepting and believing I am you and I’m also the ocean and I’m also these leaves and I’m also the soil. I’m starting to see godly qualities in everyone I meet. I have more self awareness. I catch myself observing my thoughts more as well as people. I’m more in tune with animals, anything living including insects. Yeah, it’s changed my life a lot. I love bigger now. Thank you”