The Holographic Feedback Loop of Creation;

Learn to navigate the human psyche system to effect lasting change in yourself and others. 

Learn How to Complete the Past

Completing your past and being able to access your intuitive wisdom are intricately related. Clearing out the space in which your spirit is meant to reside with you in life, but has been occupied by your incomplete past causes your spirit to drop in and you become more conscious and related to yourself as your whole self. 

What does it mean to complete your past? Completing your past means going in after yourself in the past and processing the wounds that house the behavioral patterns, defenses, stuck emotions and all that goes with them. The incompletions that keep you feeling and acting as if you are stuck, separate, angry, depressed, frustrated, resistant to life and others, insecure, unstable, anxious, neurotic, arrogant, addicted, puffed up, hiding, and all the other ways our inner wounds manifest.

In This Course You will Learn:

  • The Psyche System, what it is, how it works and how to clear it out.
  • How we recreate our past through our Holographic Feedback Loop of Creation
  • How we relate to each other and how we can come into right relationship
  • How to use curiosity to gain information from within
  • How to talk to yourself in a way that leaves you informed!
  • The lost lineages of Partnership and Completion
  • Why it’s important to tend to the self
  • How to live in partnership with your self, others, and all of life
  • The components of the Psyche System and how they work together to create one’s reality
  • How to track and resolve unprocessed content through time to gain freedom
  • How to tell when one is in an alternate reality and how to reintegrate with the highest core path. 
  • How to guide yourself to the right choices in time
  • How to give yourself what you needed that you didn’t have in your first round experience
  •  The 5 Elements of Incompletion
  • So much more…

Next Training starts 

 May 4th, 2020

It Includes:

  • 12 Weekly Live Online Trainings over 3 months
  • An ebook that you will have to reference throughout your practice. 

For Social Workers, therapists, healers, helping professionals and individuals who want to restore the lineage of completion for themselves.

The Value of this offering is $777.  

Limited scholarships are available according to need. 


Holistic Therapy Sessions $130 per hour

Holistic Therapy addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit. All levels must be addressed for full healing. I recommend a Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting to start, to make sure your energy system is clear and functional. Psyche Tracking Sessions directly address the content that is holding you back. Body Partnership is an important part as well and we can talk about what is needed in these sessions.

Psyche Tracking sessions target sets of anchors contributing to troublesome issues like being criticized, anger issues, and being judgmental. First we note how many pieces there are to a troublesome pattern; Typically 10-40. Then we track through each of these pieces one by one in time and circumstance in a targeted way meeting the needs that were not met, processing and completing the experience as needed. Our programing is embedded in time, within our psyche system. An unprocessed wound will stay anchored at it's point of origin and up through time, looping into the holographic feedback loop that is our direct interface with our perceived reality. This literally compels others to play out our programming for us. The listening of the wound pulls for it to show up. Others can't help but be pulled into it. This is our design. This is why even when you change partners, you still have the same issues showing up over and over again. When you are able to process and complete the wound at it's origin, it is no longer in time, not the past and not the present and not the pulling for experience holographically. It disappears when you get to the root of it. This is like therapy on steroids as it gets right to the roots of the problem so that your content is no longer listening for that old wound to show up in everyone that steps into your field.