Exploring the Dimensional Fields of Our Existence

My spiritual journey over the past 25 years has been about exploring the dimensional fields of our existence and fulfilling on the Masterpiece I painted with the Divine before I came here. We all have one. It contains all of the … Continued

Completion Exercise

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This completion exercise takes you through releasing something you feel stuck with. http://www.bethelight.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/The-Completion-Process.m4a Here is a very similar practice: Shifting from within Visualization exercise Something can only show up “out there” if it exists inside of YOU. When you clear/heal it inside … Continued

Completion Process

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Notice where you have some pain in your body.   Feel into it.  What is the emotional feeling that is there?   Tune in.  What is it about? What is the thought plane that goes with it? Who is the … Continued

The Shadow

Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will open to you. Seeking deeply, the answers came. In early 2013 I was frustrated and hopeless about the state of the human condition. I was struggling and seeking answers. I … Continued

The Life Core Part 1

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Life Core Part 1 Healing the Past by working back through time. I discovered the Life Core in 2013.  It is a telescoping time interface that lines up with your central core. The Life Core is an interface with your … Continued

The Feedback Loop

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We are in a holographic feedback loop with our god self 12-11-14 9:30pm From the minutiae feeling irritated in the minute about little things, that anger ripples out into the universe causing storms of crime and war and evil and … Continued

Integrating the Self

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Integrating the Self December 1, 2014 I wake at 4 am thinking about my health.   I have been dealing with Lyme for 7 years and just recently received a diagnosis, like many people with it. One of the western … Continued