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Life is magical. I’ve always had an inkling of it, and my life has given me pieces of the puzzle that have clued me in over time. I’ve had visions for years but beginning in December of 2014, they went to a new level. I started to have mystical experiences that had me become self-aware as a creator god. Suddenly, all the pieces fell together for me, and it all makes sense. I want to share with you what I have discovered so that you can wake up to your divine nature. What I learned was that we are all in this together. We contain only ONE substance. We are not separate. We are the drivers of our reality. What we think and do ripples out into creation and creates our holographic reality. When we can master our mind, we will have peace on earth. I am here to wake you up, because what we have been creating together has gotten pretty scary.

In a very real sense, these qualities only exist on a larger scale because they exist within me as an individual. My thoughts and feelings like “I don’t matter” create a society that proves it on every level. What I’ve realized is that world peace begins and ends with self-love.From my perspective, our life plays out like a holographic feedback loop around us, sourced by the law of the universe. “As above, so below, as within so without, as me so me.” Everything that happens in your reality is a hologram that begins with your thoughts. It is true we create our reality. If you only knew how true, it would blow your mind. I will teach you how to track what you are creating so you can more deliberately create a better individual life for yourself and to contribute in a more conscious way to the collective experience of humanity as a peaceful one.

In order to break it down, I will need to share the components I have seen come together to have it make sense to me. I will hand down ancient mystery school teachings, it’s going to get deep. And yet, I can only tell you my understanding of the things I have learned. I realize it is not the whole story, but only what I have worked out through my years as a seeker of universal truths. I’m not holding anything back; my belief is that the time for secrets is over. I’m calling reset. I’m done with the way this reality is going, and the only way to get everyone on board is to have enough people get it that we can shift the collective. There are things you may not understand on a mental level until other things fall into place. Try to stay in a state of open curiosity and hold off certainty or opinion. Just let it float in your awareness. There are micro pieces and macro pieces, and they are both necessary for understanding. I am not saying this is a complete picture of reality because I can only speak to what I am aware of in my corner of the universe.

I studied in a mystery school for about a decade. I received teachings and initiations that broadened my access to the universal truths. It goes without saying that these teachings hold the framework for the structure of reality I am describing to you. The glue that pulls it together into a living reality has come from my connection to source. From my experiences, my intuition, the inner guidance and direction I have received from my higher being, From a massive team of higher beings working together to fulfill the Great Work. I am here for a particular purpose. My purpose is to create a bridge both literal in the energy and theoretically, that you can cross into awareness of yourself as a creator god.

As above, so below

As within, so without

As me, so me

This foundational mystery school teaching points to there being a mirror reality, that as one exists as a human, one also exists as a god. That if something is true in the macro, it is equally true in the micro. Exploring these connections has led me to realize that the hierarchy of light, the structure of God on the other side in the form of the cosmological structure containing all levels of creation exists within each of us. It has to. Many years ago, after studying in the mystery school, and also beginning to create my clairvoyant reading system. Along with creating templates to interface with areas of one’s life, i.e., relationships, work, etc. I wanted to build a way to read the cosmological structure. At the time, it seemed unnatural and challenging, but over time, it not only became a way to read energies, but it also became the structure of being. Including the human self, all the way up through the dimensions, and culminating in the fully realized god self. One could say I created it as an entity ship. It became a living reality for me in which I know myself to exist, and how I came to see the people that I read. I realized, as I awoke, that this is our “Entity Ship”, we all have one. We were created in the image of God. Therefore, we are gods; we have the structure of God. Creating the energy template of it built a bridge for me to access it directly. As I woke up, I began to experience myself as this, the fullness of it, as the Source of the Divine within me. My Source protects and guides my human; I have my own back. I can rest into that.

This structure in which we live and breathe and have our being has an interface with the collective consciousness of humanity. There is an arc that connects us so that it occurs as if we are all living within the same reality. In fact, we resonate with each other’s shared reality, but we are each living within our unique universe. The truth is, we are one, we are living within the mind of God, as gods. And we are whole and complete universes within ourselves.

The power to shift reality is both within the individual entity ship and in our collective consciousness. As more of us wake up, we will reach a critical mass of consciousness. We will have no choice but to become aware of the choices we are making and see whether they have light if they reflect our love for ourselves and by extension of our being, our fellow human beings. The process must begin with self-love.

The thoughts we think, as a human, ripple out into our reality and create experiences in our personal reality. It could be having been abused as a child before we had the power and insight to protect and stand up for ourselves which then created a standard reality in which there is a porn culture. The world in which women are expected to subjugate to the base sexual desires of man, they are not valued as equal beings, but used as objects. The outer world both creates this reality with things like pornography that teaches young curious yet innocent boys how to “be a real man” by doing what “real men want to do to women.” This exposure creates an increasingly violent rape culture where women exist as objects, trophies, and possessions, rather than the divine beings of light and love that they are.

As we heal and wake up, we become aware in our lives. When we become aware in our lives, we can then wake up in groups, then societies, and then the world.

There is a fracture, the separation that happened in the beginning when we chose a path of duality. The abyss opened like a wound between our human self and our god self. It has had us believe we are bad, and sinful and most harmful, abandoned by God for our deeds.

Why did we come here?

I imagine it is more fun to play in the illusion with others and see what happens, but we as humanity have gotten lost. We have forgotten who we are, and the shared reality we have created on Earth has become a nightmare.

In my first semester of Grad School at University of Michigan School of Social Work, I had my small, isolated world blown open and exposed to the mass oppression occurring on this planet. Before this program, I had a policy not to watch the news because I thought it was more important to feed positive energy into the collective. I realize now, I was partially right on that front. This program delved deeply into the broader system of oppression that is in place in the world at this time. It includes mass incarceration as a system of race oppression. It includes a capitalist money machine that fed by war, the western medical model, chronic illness, the media, and fear. That model is not invested in healing, or unity, but in taking all that it can for a select few. The 1% hold all the power while poor and middle-class populations work harder than ever for less and less. The porn industry has created a twisted reality for men and how they are supposed to treat women that are violent and demeaning. Women see in the media, that what is most important is looking good and being liked. It is devolving our humanity. We are in what I have come to call a slow boil. … We are in deeply in need of a RIGHTEOUS REVOLUTION.

Merging into Oneness
Merging Into Oneness by Molly Indura


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