Stand Up!

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Why learn to access your clairvoyance?  It’s really about discernment.  Empowering yourself with the truth.

Not relying on religion to tell you what to think or do, these were edited by men out of the teachings of the masters, but how do you know which edits are true and which were added to control?  We already know that many sections of the Bible were taken out to keep people from becoming empowered.

What I want to know is, what was added in to control people?

We know Jesus through the money lenders out of the temple.  I see that it is a true story.  he was a rebel freedom fighter!

Really, what we want to know is… what has light?  What have we been made to believe is true that really isn’t?  What flavor of dogma have you been fed?  Can you even begin to wade through it without being able to see what has light and what does not?

We have lost awareness of our lineage as spiritual beings having a human experience. Most people are not aware of the effects of other people’s energy that is pushing down on us, and affecting us in a negative way.

As healers, to not have the ability to discern energy in as simple a way as to see light and darkness, how can you even know what you are doing in someones field?  It’s irresponsible to assume you know when you can’t really see or tell.

It occurs to me that turn the other cheek may have been a plant by the council Constantine in the 14th century that  rewrote the Bible to control people.  They took out the things that were empowering and putting things that would control people.  Turn the other cheek is a great way to to make sure people are dosile and obedient in huge numbers.

Stand up!

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