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I was called into the field of Miriam, Mother of Jesus tonight and we had a conversation about some things.  Let me know your thoughts about the content and the style of the conversation.  I’m in editing process on a book that contains the downloads that occurred as a result of mapping my field from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, realizing, I’m all of it.  I got in touch with my face of the Mother, and we work together to heal the earth and help humanity move into their next recursion of being.

This conversation demonstrates a form of seeking in which we are able to be in partnership with the rest of us by chewing on our curiosities which are give to us by our spirits prompting us to ask a question and listen to receive a response in the next thought.  That download creates a response of wondering about more aspects or sparks new questions to explore.

Thinking about the Light and how could it be bad? As I’ve been hearing some say that Light is somehow not Holy?  How could it not be? It was the first light, from the first word.  It is our Primordial House of the Lord, which we exist within.  It is the first and farthest layer of substance before the infinite field.  It is one of the immortal 3, the unity, the Light and the Dark stillness (not evil, that’s 3D and below) Technically, its contained within the wombs of. Each layer is concentric and contains the whole of the one within, and also permeates each of the layers simultaneously.)  But technically, in order to come into manifest, it had to pull away from itself, and as such, at a point no larger than a mustard seed within that infinite space, first became light and dark, and then further the Cosmos, which is the container for holding all of manifest existence.  Then into our star system in which we have 12 physical dimensions and in the 5th dimension, we lived as our united self with our selves, each other and all of life.  Aware of and living as our multidimensional selves.  And then there was a clash of the sexes, the male went alpha when he saw that with the animals, the male often dominated the female of many species.  He wanted to be dominate too.  His first wife Lilith, made at the same time out of the same star dust; equal in all things, had a sense what was at stake and she declined.  So Adam called out to God and …

I’m curious suddenly , about sex, and remembered seeing a YouTube video talking about how we were never supposed to have sex out side of temple, at the sacred appointed times, and I wondered if God was upset with us when we started doing it and creating babies outside of the auspices of the sacred alignments.  I can see how’s its gone awry from that.  I feel the enormity of power to create, the miracle that is the ability of Womban to bring a divine being into the physical through the portal of light that is in her womb.  Read the prayer the Hail Mary.  It’s as above so below.  We bring the Christ into the physical, as womben.  And to make it secular and to treat womben as objets de sex, is to shit in the temple.

Right, We weren’t supposed to create outside of the sacred.  Because it creates darkness in the Souls that are coming in, they are tangled up in the energy in their very DNA from the moment of conception.  When their Souls come in at birth, they contain that content programmed into the Life Core, through the Astrological chart.  It is point zero for this physical life. And the pieces of what needs to be healed on an ancestral level are there, and the wound of secular sex has wounds and darkness that is passed on through our parents.

Hmmm well why did Adam get his wish then, to have another wife that was less?  How is that Sacred?

It’s all sacred.  And all choices are accounted for.  So Lilith was made the Queen of the Elementals, to tend to each of the dimensions and keep them all in place and in harmony.  She was the only one who stayed in the garden of Unity Eden. That’s why when she comes back as a later recursion as  Miriam, The mother of Jesus, she is able to have an immaculate conception.

And Adam was made a new helpmate out of his own rib.  Eve.  And Eve was curious, as Humans are. Hu-mans; Hu is divine, and man is the physical avatar. That is our original design; Partnership. A forgotten directive.

So outside of equality, of acknowledging the sacred and holy process of union and conception, darkness was created, and the fruit was eaten at will.  The result is that HuManity fell into the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.  This is a hell hole of seperation.  Which, that would be the below, to the above pulling away, separating from self.  This one had us forget who we were in order to discover who we are when we forget we are the primordial existence, in dimensional expressions partnering with what is, in the 5th dimension, a Light body, an Etheric Body.

On the 5th dimensional level we work in partnership through the Tree of life that is a tesseract of as above, so below, as within, so without.

So when you take the effort to birth yourself as you were designed to be, you have access to living as an ascended being while still interfacing with the physical world.  At some point we will just step into the 5th dimensional body and assimilate our 4th and below bodies.  Integrated living is now available through ascending out of the fallen world through unlocking the Tree of Life within you.  I was given the keys and how to unlock the multidimensionality and reunify the below with our above, our lower selves reunited with our Higher Selves and working together in concert.


Let me know your thoughts and questions.  There is so much more to share, I have been writing in constant download since the end of 2o14. During that time I download information about the Human psyche, how it works and how to clear it out so that we can begin to embody.

Then I received the keys to the Tree of Life and how to go to the next level of embodiment with the rest of us.