What some of Molly’s clients have said about their experiences of her work…

If you are looking for a therapist to help you work through your dysfunctional programs, I recommend Molly.  My most recent session with Molly was beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, we worked through long-standing issues that even with a background in healing plagued me for years. Secondly, I was able to use the completion process she taught me to engage in a meaningful dialog with my body. This was a useful and wonderful addition to the methods I had already learned from her and pushed me forward with my self-healing. Molly is an extremely gifted healer and will help you realize your own genius and connection to the light. Her guidance will help you walk your own path with ease, grace and more divinity than most people would imagine possible.  If you have long-standing issues that you have struggled with for years, Molly can help you liberate yourself to experience freedom from your old programming.”  N.B.

“Molly, you really and truly are a Miracle Worker. The immediate difference I feel all over is absolutely amazing!!!!! Thanks for all you do.”

– Patrick Graves

“Working with Molly has completely changed my entire life in every way.”

 “I feel a huge connection to everything.  I am more accepting and believing I am you and I’m also the ocean and I’m also these leaves and I’m also the soil. 

I’m starting to see godly qualities in everyone I meet.  I have more self awareness.

I catch myself observing my thoughts more as well as people. I’m more in tune with animals, anything living including insects.

Yeah, it’s changed my life a lot. I love bigger now. Thank you”

– Laura Korch Artist & Art Professor

“I was flying to Michigan and I usually get a healing done whenever I fly because the angels just start working on me. 

You were there with them. You said you were a part of the unified field now and there was no separation. You were there as a bridge talking to me about what they were doing to me. You started telling me different things they were doing to heal my body and I started to drift off to sleep.

All of a sudden you said “Well, we’re going to fix your engine now” That woke me up! I asked you, “What do you mean, fix my engine? Do you mean the plane’s engine or my engine?” You said “it doesn’t matter because you are one now and we are fixing it.”  

I heard some thing and realize the engine isn’t right and I’m like holy shit! And I’m thinking OK OK I won’t worry about it but it still feels a little scary.

Then they announced we  were landing because the plane had to get repaired and we had to switch planes! 

When I landed this lady was telling me how when we first took off she thought there was something wrong with the engine because she felt the noise and she thought the plane didn’t have enough power to get off the ground and she was really worried so she said a prayer.

So I just want to say thank you for fixing the planes engine with the unified field.!!!! 😀🙌🏽❤️” 

Phoenix Duffy, Children’s book Author and Healer

Working with Molly for the last three years has been an amazing journey that has brought me to a place of contentment with my life that I have not known before. I had a very subtle underlying discontentment in life that I did not quite understand. On the outside my life looked ideal, great family, great career, great home, etc… On the inside, I knew there was something missing, something more that I needed to experience. My experiences working through The Journey programs have helped me to finally feel content with life.

She offers several programs that I believe have helped me to trust myself and my own intuition. I believe learning to trust myself has been the foundation to living my best life. I have completed The Dimensional Field Activation, The Tree of Life Field Awakening (2x), Transformational Painting, Mystic Training, and Holistic therapy sessions with Molly.  Through all of these experiences, she has given me the tools to help me clear out my psyche and programmings.

What I love about Molly is that she supports you to do your own work, she teaches and leads you through the process, and is available if you need support. She is not another psychic that you give away your power to, she helps bring you online to do your own inner work.

My first session with Molly was incredible. I am not one of those people who cries, almost never, and especially not when others are around, but somehow everything converged to bring me to a place where I was liberated to feel what I had kept buried for so long. She was able to help me tap into some very deep psyche and emotional work that needed to be addressed surrounding feeling love as a child and thus having healthy self-love as an adult. It was truly a transformational healing experience.

I was given access to energy tools that help protect, ground, clear, and connect me to the divine.  Learning this has helped me to feel divinely supported as I continue working through my psyche.

The Tree of Life Field Awakening Journey is very intense as it is intended to show you specific areas of your life, through Dimensions of self. While moving through the course life opens up to really give you the lessons you are intended to work through while you are engaged in the course. Since I love to paint, the visual guided imagery and painting are my favorite part of this course. This course has helped me to understand how the whole system of the universe works, the divine plan, and how I can get myself and keep myself on my highest core path. For me, it has been like an exponential spiritual evolution.

Anyone can learn how to tap into their own psychic intuition and she guides you to do that in this course. She gave me The Psyche System and psychic tools to practice with others in the course; and what I have learned is that clairvoyance is like a muscle; the more often you exercise it the stronger it becomes. This class teaches you all the fun stuff you’ve been wanting to know about using your own psychic abilities to help yourself and others.

The holistic therapy sessions that I have had with Molly this last year have helped bring me through some really tough spots that my conventional therapist (who is also incredible) and I were stuck in. This is where the psychic part of her work is very helpful in identifying where the issue is and then walking me through how what we are seeing is related to what is currently happening and then being able to clear the energy of that so that I no longer reference it in my psyche and life. It really helped me move leaps and bounds forward moving through my “stuff.” Sometimes we just need another persons help and I am grateful to have her guidance as she is always turning me back to my own inner voice.

My life has completely changed since I started working with Molly. If you are ready for some big shifts, you’ve found the right woman to work with, she is Divine.

~Javana Rae, Holistic Dentist.


“Thank you for being the amazing teacher and healer and mentor you are! I am so deeply grateful to be in your class series right now. Having all kinds of breakthroughs and healings. Awesome work!”

–E. McCormick

I’ve been studying with Molly Indura for 2 years and it’s taken me on an exciting journey of light and love. I’m so grateful for her support through the ups and downs ascension brings.”

– A. Staggs

“I have to tell you, I’ve gotten more out of this class in the last 4 weeks than I ever imagined I thought class was great. I felt that the content was comprehensive and that it was easy to follow”


“Molly has been instrumental in improving my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.  During our life diagnostic and full system trouble shooting sessions, she identified and cleared energy blockages and helped me to understand what was creating those blocks. She gave me insight into how powerful harboring negative energy thrust upon me by others can be and how to let it go. On a deeper level, Molly opened the door to a more meaningful spiritual connection in my life as well as helping me to adopt a new clarity in thinking.  My experience was with Molly was positive and transformational. I highly recommend her services.”  –M. Cowan

Hi Molly,

Thanks again for the help with our cats! It’s been a week since the clearing and balancing with our 5-year female old cat Chewy and new male kitten Curry, who previously did not get along. They have both really changed since your clearing. Their attitudes have shifted and we find it much easier to connect with them, plus they have both become more affectionate with us. The night of the clearing, out cats began playing together. It was also the first night the kitten chose to sleep in the living room with our other cat rather than in our bed. Chewy is no longer aggressive with Curry, and is in fact quite playful with him now, and Curry loves it! There is a new understanding in their relationship, and we see them becoming better friends everyday. Molly, your gift is amazing!

Love, Liz, Ian, Chewy, and Curry, Hawaii

“The most pivotal moment in my life was striking up a conversation with you. Meeting you was providence, serendipity and intervention. Thank you for being a channel for the best of life to come through and be expressed, for your candid conversations and for shining so brightly. It could be said, I owe it all to you. Much love.” ~Kevin B.

“Today’s reading/energetic healing was perfect for me; I am delighted!

Besides being right “on target” with each of the three areas I asked you about, my scientific side felt compelled to check your responses with those you gave me a year and a half ago, on the same issues. Things have shifted for me, since then, of course, so it made sense that some of the answers were different. However, in areas that don’t change (such as
“please describe my highest romantic choice for a soul mate”), your responses were exactly the same. Beyond your intuitive abilities, your ability to affect “energy” (for lack of a better name) seems incredibly healing and valuable. I hope that more people have access to your work, as time moves on.”

–Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D., M.A., Author of Unfolding: The Perpetual
Science of Your Soul’s Work

“Hi Molly,

I am in gratitude for the clearing you did via the phone yesterday. WOW!!! I just wanted to let you know that As you spoke to me and worked with me I actually felt the flow from my body in two major areas. There was a flow and pulling from my body of STUFF that left via the cord connected to my back. I actually had immediate relief as you were working on me.

“The most amazing thing that happened was a relief of a tumor like pressure that was sitting in my chest. I feel GREAT!!!

“THANK YOU , you have profoundly affected my being. I’m in GRATITUDE!!!!!!!

~Michele Wright, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I am so blessed to know Molly and to have experienced the myriad of healing gifts that she channels! I find that no matter if the issue is physical, mental, emotional or somewhere in between or beyond those categories that she can quickly locate the issue and transform it within a matter of minutes. In addition, her ability has no barriers or boundaries. With just a phone call, I can get almost instant relief, healing and insight from anywhere in the world.

“Also, Molly gets to the root of the problem. One example is an ongoing body pain issue I have had. I have been told that I may have fibromyalgia. I have experienced all the symptoms and have any array of products and remedies that help me relieve the symptoms that would be considered a “flare up.” While I have these tools and find them to be effective, it is only a temporary fix to a problem that never seemed to go away. When I was ready to get rid of the problem at the source it only took a few minutes with Molly and the pain, stress and discomfort were gone as if they had just been taken away on the wings of an angel.

“I have had many sessions with Molly over the years and she is always available when I need her. I feel so comforted to know that healing is Molly’s passion and priority. Her love for being of service to the light makes me feel that I can count on her in need anytime. She is truly a metaphysician on call to make my world a better place.” ~Deanna Chisholm


“Hi Molly,

This is by far the deepest change I have ever felt. My entire outlook on things is brighter and more positive. I feel much more connected and able to ground and stay grounded.

“Also, I tried an exercise in the law of attraction. When I went home yesterday, I was completely oblivious to any negative energy or expectations for my wife. I felt much calmer and able to actually be myself. Our interactions were genuine and with love. Thanks for the tip.

“I used to think that I was one of those souls that was very sensitive to energies around me. Now I think it was that little bugger that connected me to the negative energies all the time.

“I FEEL FREE!!!!!!!!

“Thank you.”

You have no idea how much of a difference you made in my life since the night we met! Thank you for being the light that you are and for sharing it. Thank you for transforming my life and opening me up to a whole new dimension.

“Continue being cause in the matter and use the abilities and gifts you have to step into your new role on earth.” ~Brian S., Leader and Visionary

“You know when you get an idea, impulse or thought, that keeps coming back to you- and you quite aren’t sure why? Perhaps its a decision you are trying to make, and you feel split down the middle? A specific circumstance, where you want to be the best person you can be, but for some reason its difficult. Or, perhaps there is a situation with someone you love, and you’re torn or uncertain of whats really going on (with you or that person). Molly can help. At least, she’s helped me, many times over the last four years. Whats great about Molly, is her direct and no-fluff approach. I once asked her, “so what do you think of the guy I am dating now?” In my mind, I wasn’t sure why… but some hesitancy kept arising. Molly had never seen or met this person and I told her nothing of him. Her reply? “He’s really flaky and has serious integrity issues. He just turned into flaked fish food in my mind.” Within a week, the new boyfriend unfolded to be one of the most flaky, unreliable, and scandalous people I had ever welcomed into my life. With Molly’s help, I saw it coming and it wasn’t as difficult to deal with. A year later, I consulted Molly. I wasn’t sure why things weren’t going my way. I kept coming into bad situations. With Molly’s direct input and guidance to “be the light”, I was able to address my own shortcomings and things quickly turned around. Molly won’t always tell you what you probably want to hear, but the truth as she sees it, receives it and picks up on it, visually. There is no doubt that Molly is the real deal- well trained, guided, educated and experienced, attributes that strengthen what she offers. For me, its insight, assistance in personal growth, clarity and energy clearing. I highly recommend her, especially to anyone seeking clarity and/or self-guidance in life. Because of Molly’s guidance and readings, I was able to push through personal growth on a deeper level, filled with greater good.” ~Ashley Lieber


Just want to thank you for the work on my back.  It’s amazing.  I’m practically pain free!!!!  I’m feeling sooooo much better.  Love you lots.  Mom

“Molly Ann Indura is a rare being, who is never what you expect – but is always exactly what you need. She is indeed a true psychic/ intuitive/clairvoyant. She sees what can happen if you choose to continue on your current course of action; as well as help you see what you can do to alter that path. Molly is a true healer. She perceives and discerns what needs to be cleared in order for you to progress in health, energy and joy, and she can provide the tools and assistance needed for you to heal yourself. She empowers YOU in living YOUR life to its fullest potential. Working with Molly has changed my life, and continues to help me be on a path of joy, wisdom, love and true purpose. I am very grateful to have met her.”  ~ L.G., Massage Therapist

Hi Molly,

Let me give you an update on my situation…

When you said that my (former) #1 client was dissatisfied with my replacement’s performance, that didn’t come as a shock to me…I’d heard rumblings to that effect.

But when you said that I had a friend there who would bring me back, I was puzzled.  Yes, I had people there I knew and who I had cordial relationships with, but no one I’d categorize as a “friend.”

Then, a couple of weeks before I moved out of the horrible office situation I was in, I got a call from someone who was my friend and who had left the company a couple of years earlier, essentially forced out by the guy who gave me “the boot.”  Now, that guy was gone and he was returning to be a V.P.  He said he was sure we’d be working together again, and that they’d given my replacement his notice.

I ended up doing two projects for them before he even officially arrived at his new position and location, and we’re working on three more right now.

I am also very comfortable in my new home office, just as you had predicted.

So, in other words, you are amazing!  Thanks so much for all your help and I know I’ll be in touch in the future, 

– Best, Mark K.”

“Greetings Molly,

First I need to share with you my gratitude. Second I need to send you blessings. The time I spent with you on Saturday morning was very different than any other reading I have ever had. It has ‘stayed’ with me. I can’t really explain. Shall I use the terms: wonderful, insightful, peaceful and very thought provoking (in a spirit-filled way). The light and the power source I felt with you was like no other that I have ever experienced. Thank you.”



“Hi Molly,

Thank You So Much! I feel Great, My Heart Feels So Open!
Blessings Love and Light” ~Seyla


“Thank you Molly. Very specific answers, very clear, and right on.” ~Andy

“You are a wonderful, empathic reader. You gave me insightful guidance about my current situation and where I’m going that is so helpful!  I will definitely call you again soon. 🙂  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Sarah

“Molly, you cleared out the blockages that were weighing me down and had great info that was extremely accurate!” ~Love, Candy

“Molly, you definitely knew what you were talking about. I think we both expected different advice on some subjects, but the truth is more important than anything. No fluff, just honest, Thank you.” ~Brenda

“Molly, you knew exactly what was going on before I even told you.” ~Lyle

“You are always accurate and to the point, your predictions have been right on. I’m blown away by how you understand so deeply without my having to say very much. Thank you.” ~Renee

“You see details so well and you are always on point.” ~Ben

“You are amazing! My symptoms went away within an hour of speaking with you.” ~Debra

“I think you are wonderful, so insightful!  I appreciate that you tell me what you see even if it’s not what I want to hear, so I am able to make informed choices in my life.  I feel 100% better about what’s going on in my life. Thank you!” ~Lee

“You are so clear, supportive, fast. You really know what you are talking about.” ~Liz

“That was an awesome reading!  You really helped me understand my current situation and how to proceed. You also helped me with family and friends who have passed.  I tell all my friends about you!” ~Minnie

“You are always able to offer awesome insight and information with just a simple question, I love you! ~Jenn

“You are very helpful, kind, caring and accurate! I am grateful our time together!” ~August

I enjoyed my reading with you, Molly.  I could actually feel you tapping into my energy. You were very accurate about what is present in my current career position. Also, what is transpiring in my relationship” ~Michelle

“You really helped me see what I needed to see. Thanks so much.” ~Lana

“I can’t think of talking to anyone else. You have been so on key with everything you’ve ever told me and that has been for the last 6 months!” ~Bruce

“You are a gifted psychic, who is willing to put up with the rants and raves of a drama queen and still remain objective! Lol!” ~Saints

“After talking with you I was cleared of all that pain in my lower back and felt elevated and on cloud nine. Thank You. And thank you for the Adept information. I believe that will be my next step!” ~Brian

“You were so unique in your approach. I love how in tune you were with my spiritual energy. I had no idea how much of it was in use by others that I had been around. You called it back. I feel great!” ~Lori

“You were great! I had a very big question on my mind for months… and you gave me insight and clarification on the matter. I was very pleased with my reading, and will definitely come to see you again.” ~Nick

“Thanks Molly for another great reading. In every session I have had with you, you are always consistent and accurate in what you see in my life. I am excited about my future, THANKS!” ~William

Wonderful reader and she works very hard to clear blocking energies. I really “felt” what she was doing. Highly recommend. ~Sally

“You are the real thing and down to Earth.  Your delivery is warm & compassionate. I felt like I was talking to a long-time friend, even though we’ve never met.  Your intuition is highly developed. I couldn’t believe how you answered questions even before I asked. Amazing. Thanks!!” ~Mary

“You have been very helpful. You were so very accurate about my life and situation. Thank you!” ~Sarah

“I enjoyed my reading and you were very helpful. Thanks for clearing my energy level. I feel more positive and relaxed. I will keep you in touch Thank You.” ~Barbara

“Even though we’ve never met, you really seemed to know me. It was an enlightening experience.” ~Tracy

“You had a different way of helping me that I’ve not ever had done. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” ~Sandy

Comments on Painting Adventures: 

Molly has created a wonderful class that allows you to explore and create with intention.  I had so much fun that I didn’t want to leave!  It’s not often that you find a spiritual focused opportunity to tangibly create something meaningful, all in one night!  I look forward to doing it again!”  Rheisa B.

“Molly Indura’s Paint the Change class was a very magical and memorable experience. Immediately I felt present and loved in the welcoming workshop space. Molly created an atmosphere of spiritual warmth, emotional connectedness, and established safety with the sacredness of sisterhood. On that foundation, our work together helped us connect to our higher selves and higher paths, discovering symbols of meaning to express in paint in the most enjoyable and delightful way. I have to say, I didn’t want to leave and break the spell of self discovery. I left with a sense of empowerment and a powerful painting that has since created sparks of curiosity and imagination in anyone who sees it. So much came away with me that evening! It seems to  have set ablaze an energy of manifestation, joy, and wonder in myself and others. I will definitely continue to take more heart emancipating classes from Molly Indura! As I left, I just wanted to know when there would be more :) ….maybe same time, same place next week?” ~Deanna Chisholm –Mother, Educator, and Lightworker

“I highly recommend Molly’s Paint the Change workshop for anyone of any age or ability. The first step was for Molly to lead us through a journey meditation—it brought to consciousness beautiful, stirring symbols and images. Next, Molly demonstrated each painting step along the process. For me this took pleasant and creative concentration–more than 30 years since I painted for fun. I love my painting and found the entire experience rewarding and clearing on many levels…spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is really nice to do this work with a group…we created a beautiful and supporting space. I will do it again!” -Katrina Viola Rhea 

 “This class was powerful. Molly is a gifted and magical instructor. I highly recommend her. I look forward to the next offering.” J.K.

Comments on The Photon Light Shield

I’ve been sensitive to energetic fields ever since I was a child and have been actively searching for solutions to minimize the damage they would cause me which included migraines, weakened immune system, respiratory problems, and rampant mood swings. These were so severe that even a simple cold would mean a visit to the E.R. For all of my life I’ve tried everything that even implied that it could help, and some of those solutions did help quite a bit, but I was still at the effect from the energy fields. Since receiving the Light Shield Activation last summer, I’ve been healthier than ever!” ~David Nihei

“I wanted to thank you for the Light Shield it works remarkably well, an hour straight on my cell phone and no headache that I use to get in ten minutes!” ~Robert Christy

“I feel more secure, I don’t hear it when people have judgments of me anymore and that used to be a big problem!” ~Alani Kuzma

“Safe and secure, the benefits are numerous!” ~Cynthia Stajos

“My energy level at work remains high. I’m not drained from the excessive amounts of florescent lighting there anymore.” ~Allen Marriot