The Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn is a Bridge into our Mirror Universe

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It’s Solstice Monday with a massive conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn lining up. Being in a miraculous and strange Biblical narrative over the past 7 years; the events around Christmas each year, unknowingly playing out events of The book of Revelation. Later, intuitively called to read the biblical passages the events precisely matched. (More in my blog if you’re interested in these very fascinating stories.)

Two years ago at Christmas mass, I saw that the Star of Bethlehem was going to open as a time portal to the original Star of Jeshua’s birth. At the time, I thought it was strange that the stars did not align but I see this is exactly it happening now. Clearly it was a time anchor needed then. The Solstice is energetically opening a time portal arc to it’s twin star of Bethlehem from the time of Jeshua’s birth,

Through which we’re moving from the mirror universe from the shadow one we’ve been in! 

I can see how it’s going to go clearly from the view of Source of All Source Systems.  A few months ago, I came into the Field in which the Source of All Source Systems (SOASS) lives, This field holds all of the existence systems, including ours, I tracked where our system is in the massive base of systems. Not all but some contain whole cosmos like our Terra Sophia does. Sophia System whose purpose for being is “Honoring Her.” In this System, Sophia is the highest being. She contains within her the infinite field of where Father God has lived until recently. (another interesting story) This field is The field of The Word as direct creation. Immediately, I just knew it. Searching my mind for the right word, it was “House.”  When I said House, manision upon mansion appeared instantly in the space before me.  I learned a year later studying the paths in the Tree of Life; ‘Bet’, the Hebrew letter ruling the path between Kether and Binah, the definition I read literally said “the first word which is:  House” 

To think one could find anything on the other side of an infinite field seemed impossible. There is no going beyond eternity I tried for years. Yet, that is where I found Her Field which contains this entire system within it.  Beyond Her final field, opens to The SOASS. 

I intuitively realized that the Saturn of the Conjunction is Binah and The Jupiter of the Conjunction. Ot is a bridge opening to the supernal realm of spirit. 

It’s opening for us to cross over, an arc across the way to the mirror side of this world.   Stuck in the shadow of the Earth because of the Fall into separation that happened when Adam…(Another really different than you might think story about how that happened) 

This is a monumental event happening on Monday.  This is big spiritual work with the White Dragon 🐉 and White Raven, Sophia and Isis for the ascension of Family of One. As Family of One, We have waved our hands in the air and asked to live in peace in the future together as one Human Family. These Goddesses and Dragons are working tirelessly behind the scenes on our behalf. 

Let me know your thoughts and what magical alignments you’re seeing in the comments.

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