blue handwriting saying "A conversation with yourself about dying gracefully - literally and metaphorically"

The Dying Deck

I created this deck to support one facing their own mortality and preparing & reviewing, repenting and healing the past.  One must empty their cup in order to be filled with The Holy Spirit.  Purify yourself. We love you. Family of One. FoOKin come Ohm. <3 We’ve been waiting for you. 

blue handwriting saying "A conversation with yourself about dying gracefully - literally and metaphorically"

It's actually GOOD to talk to yourself

The Divine One says, I made you for it. We have 12 physical dimensions and 7 spiritual dimensions of being. The asker is the physical and the answerer is the spiritual. Please come anchor yourself into the love of the Divine One within. The Holy Family has created a Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery to guide you home.

blue handwriting "how to talk to yourself be tickled by curiosity the language of your higher self ask a question listen in silence to see hear know receive feel into it give thanks repeat"

We are designed to live in primary partnership with our Divine One

Come learn to live in partnership. Awaken your field, give yourself access. We set you up for you to do your own work.

What if you gave yourself permission to get curious handwritten quotes Enjoy the process of dying knowing you are also being born into spirit Lean into the experience What if its not about fighting but about surrender

Get curious

What if dying is not about fighting to stay alive, but surrendering into your higher being?

handwritten note in blue that says "What needs to be surrendered so you can be reborn?"

Consider what is keeping you stuck

When we are living in partnership with our true self, we are guided clearly, we have confidence in our path and serve joyfully because it is what we are made to do. When we engage in activities that are not that, or are contrary to that, it puts a cog in the wheel and things can't flow the way they need to. Without integrity, nothing works. consider, doing what is not yours to do, puts you out of integrity.

blue handwritten note that says all good things come from love "one and a mirror that's all we're doing here" others are only reflections of you "we are the family of one" all love is self love

We are a Family of ONE

One & a mirror, that's all we're doing here. We are living within holographic feedback fields of creation in which we are in relationship with our self as others. Others are only reflections of us. All good things come from self love. All Love is Self love.

handwritten note in blue "I now lovingly release all others back to themselves"

Let others go

We are empathic beings made to hang out with each other as a way of understanding each others lived experience. But we lost the lineage of completion that has us send each other back. As a result we are walking around with many other's voices in our heads and energies in our fields that are not us. We can process our own energy but we cannot process other's energy. So if we are stuck, we are automatically running someone else's energy.

handwriting in blue that says repent get on the floor take the time to say I'm sorry to yourself others and god


Ho'Oponopono is a Hawaiian Word meaning I'm so Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you, I love you. Take an accounting of all the ways you have offended your self, others and the Divine.

blue handwritten note that says forgive yourself you did the best you had access to in each moment so did everyone else forgive them

Forgiveness is Freedom

Hatred is a burden on our Souls. God said Justice is Mine. I find this a relief that it's not my job to hold others accountable for what they have done to me or others, I can hand it up to the Divine One and take it off my plate. We are in this together doing the best we can in this journey of Wisdom. In the end, we will all get it. We all have the same Christ self potential, just in some of us, it's hiding behind layers and generations of wounds and pain and for reasons like being taught to fight against ourselves instead of loving ourselves because we are easier to control when we fight against ourselves, we do it for them. When we are connected to our Divine One within, we are not easy to manipulate or control. Self love is an act of defiance.
Come Ohm my love.

divine will be done written in blue

Align Yourself

We were given the gift of personal will. Originally our will was naturally in alignment with the Divine Will but when we ate of the Fruit of Knowledge, we fell into a Hell Hole and our Will turned contrary to the Divine. This is why it's so hard to be good, along with that demon we were born with. As the Suns of the New Eden, we must align our personal will with Divine Will with each rising Sun.

blue handwriting says "Be Prepared" Make a living will and make it known "Repent and forgive" talk about preferences burial cremation music service readings a message "Make a Will Update Beneficiaries" say it now "Have Conversations to cause completion and resolution"

Make practical arrangements

Get clear about what needs to be done if you're not here. Set it up so it is not a stress on you. Have those conversations that you have been putting off. Clear your plate.

I hope this exploration within has been helpful for you and brings you peace as we navigate these times.  I am here to serve you if you need energetic support, and want to go deeper into you.  

If you feel compelled to go deeper in gaining access to the   Divine One in you, I invite you to check out The Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery, a path to true field awakening… 

You can jump in with Mystic Training and or your Dimensional Field Activation!

Welcome Ohm Kin of One

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