The Signature Program
of Be the Light and Molly Indura:

The Journey

of Partnership and Self Mastery

Watch an informational interview about the Journey and the Family of One with Molly and long time student Nicole Beady.

Mystic Molly Indura has been highly trained and prepared from within and without in the mystic arts, in navigating the Human psyche and the Kabbalah.  She has been working in these realms for over 20 years.  She has a deep personal relationship with the Mother of Heaven who has given her much to share with Humanity on how to awaken the Higher consciousness within.

All of the wisdom that she has gathered from these varied Fields of learning and experience she has woven together into a program of awakening.  This is the Journey of Partnership and Self Mastery.

What is the Journey?

The Journey is a series of activations, field attunements and programs to get you where you can consciously tend yourself and gain self mastery through partnership with your Higher Selves (multidimensional), your guides and the Divine.

This journey takes you through the process and activation of your full potential.  It opens your field to the dimensions of your being and teaches you how to engage with these potential’s of self.

This program includes The Dimensional Field Activation, Field Attunements, Mystic Training, The Psyche System and The Tree of Life Dimensional Field Awakening to restore your original design as a unified multidimensional being living in concert with life.

If you are here today, The Journey may be what you have been seeking.  Why? The Journey empowers to you to step into your highest path of awakening and service to humanity that you have been seeking. 

You will know your self as your higher self.  Over time you will drop away all that no longer expresses your true nature.

You will be informed from within of your spiritual lineages and the scope of your Masterpiece that you are here to deliver to the world. 

Your full potential awaits.

The Journey

A program of awakening that takes you from where you are now to self mastery through partnership with your higher self.

The Journey includes these programs, activations and materials:

  • The Dimensional Field Activation 1 session 
  • The Holy Vessel Field Attunement – a 2 day course and Field Attunement
  • Mystic Training – 3 month Journey* 
  • The Psyche System – 6 month Journey* 
  • The Tree of Life Field Awakening – 6 month journey 
  • *Each program includes 1 (cumulative) hour of personalized coaching and support for your journey
  • Living in Partnership Charms Board
  • Holy Vessel Deck
  • Mystic Training Deck
  • The Tree of Life Field Awakening Deck
  • Manuals for each course

Who is the Journey Right for?

Many of us experience being a seer or a mystic yet we know there are tools that we need to bring  forth these gifts.  I have spent my life gathering and codifying The Mystic tools in such a way they can transmitted. 

Wherever you are on your Journey of Awakening, if you know you are a mystic within, this will provide you with the tools and training you have been seeking to navigate the fields of reality. 

Learn what it means to be a true creative partner

Feel the resonance of this work and feel the call to dive in and embody your Higher Self. As you gain more access to the multidimensionality of yourself, it will all make more sense.
For now, trust what the body, heart and mind are compelling you to do.

Welcome Home to the Family of One

“I can’t express my appreciation for Molly and her teaching enough. She’s provided me with the tools to clear and heal myself and to help others along their path.

She’s smart, supportive and has the integrity needed to see you through the process with grace and ease.

I’ve been on The Journey for a year and it’s taken me on an exciting journey of light and love.

I’m so grateful for her support through the ups and downs ascension brings.”

Ariel Staggs

Mystic and Kabbalist

Embodiment Vs. Enlightenment​​

Some spiritual teachers will try to tell you that you can just re-focus your attention on what you desire instead of on your past but I am here to tell you that the content in your psyche is there taking up space and working as a filter for all that you do until you do what you need to do to remove it.  It will continue to be referenced in your holographic feedback system that is part of the psyche system until it’s no longer there.  It’s a locational equation.

I will teach you how to navigate and clean out this space so that you have access to living as your higher self now in the physical experience. 

This is the main distinction between enlightenment and embodiment.  With enlightenment, you can go out of your physical system and do spiritual service and have enlightening experiences, have insights and downloads but when you come back, your content that is still in your psyche will still be there impacting your behavior and how you experience yourself, others and life.

Embodiment is when you address those wounds and that content by tending to yourself in the past.  In this way we clear the space in which our higher spiritual consciousness is meant to reside. This allows us to live in Experiential partnership with our higher selves. 


Through this Sacred Journey of Awakening you Will:

Connect with sacred community 

Find your Soul Family

Reveal your unique lineage of self

Discover Your Masterpiece of the Great Work

Heal yourself to gain Self Mastery

Learn to live in Partnership with your self, others and all of life

Restore the natural way of life

Learn more about each component of The Journey by clicking the header in each section

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From One who has been Through The Journey...

Working with Molly for the last three years has been an amazing journey that has brought me to a place of contentment with my life that I have not known before.

I had a very subtle underlying discontentment in life that I did not quite understand.

On the outside my life looked ideal, great family, great career, great home, etc… On the inside, I knew there was something missing, something more that I needed to experience.

My experiences working through Molly’s programs have helped me to finally feel content with life. 

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

She offers several programs that I believe have helped me to trust myself and my own intuition.

I believe learning to trust myself has been the foundation to living my best life.

I have completed the The Dimensional Field Activation, The Tree of Life Field Awakening (2x), Transformational Painting, Mystic Training, The Psyche System and Holistic therapy sessions with Molly. 

Through all of these experiences, she has given me the tools to help me clear out my psyche and programmings.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

What I love about Molly is that she supports you to do your own work, she teaches and leads you through the process, and is available if you need support.

She is not another psychic that you give away your power to, she helps bring you online to do your own inner work.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

I knew that I needed to do some childhood work and when I first learned of Molly it was through a mutual friend who did a transformational painting workshop with her.

The process described identifying the issue you wanted to look at, set a new intention for it, and then do some art therapy to bring that intention into the physical world.

My first session with Molly was incredible. I am not one of those people who cries, almost never, and especially not when others are around, but somehow everything converged to bring me to a place where I was liberated to feel what I had kept buried for so long.

She was able to help me tap into some very deep psyche and emotional work that needed to be addressed surrounding feeling love as a child and thus having healthy self-love as an adult.

It was truly a transformational healing experience.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

As I continued on to receive The Dimensional Field Activation and Holy Vessel Field Attunement, I was given access to energetic tools that help protect, ground, clear, and connected me to the divine. 

Learning this has helped me to feel divinely supported as I continue working through my psyche.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

The Tree of Life Field Awakening is very intense as it is intended to show you specific areas of your life.

While moving through the course, life opens up to really give you the lessons you are intended to work through while you are engaged in the course.

Since I love to paint, the visual guided imagery and painting are my favorite part of this course.

This course has helped me to understand how the whole system of the universe works, the divine plan, and how I can get myself and keep myself on my highest core path.

For me, it has been like an exponential spiritual evolution.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

Mystic Training is the course that Molly offers that really connects her passions; holistic therapy and Mystic tools.

Anyone can learn how to tap into their own intuition and she guides you to do that in this course.

She taught me The Psyche System and how to navigate it and psychic tools to practice with others in the course; and what I have learned, is that clairvoyance is like a muscle, so the more often you exercise it the stronger it becomes.

This class teaches you all the fun stuff you’ve been wanting to know about using your own psychic abilities to help yourself and others.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

The holistic therapy sessions that I have had with Molly this last year have helped bring me through some really tough spots that my conventional therapist (who is also incredible) and I were stuck in.

This is where the psychic part of her work is very helpful in identifying where the issue is and then walking me through how what we are seeing is related to what is currently happening and then being able to clear the energy of that so that I no longer reference it in my psyche.

It really helped me move leaps and bounds forward moving through my “stuff.”

Sometimes we just need another persons help and I am grateful to have her guidance as she is always turning me back to my own inner voice.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

My life has completely changed since I started working with Molly.

If you are ready for some big shifts, you’ve found the right woman to work with, she is divine.

Dr. Javana Rae, D.D.S.

The Dimensional Field Activation - 1 session

Restore the lost connection between the 3rd and 5th dimensions and activate your full spiritual and physical potential that integrates over 3 years.

The Holy Vessel Attunement

This 2 day course and ritual of attunement is happening June 29 & 30, 2019 Click here for more.

  • The ancient mysteries of our existence are revealed
  • Find your place within The Family of One. At the higher levels of existence we exist shared fields. We are One Great Being that lives and breathes in concert.
    This is the first huge step to awaken your experience of being the Instrument and the orchestra.
  • The principles that underpin our reality unceasingly that you can use to reveal the great truths of life
  • Open the vertical alignment of your field to each of the 12 Physical Dimensions of Self
  • Get access to being taught directly from within
  • Receive the support you need to heal your past so that you have the internal space to become embodied

Three POWERFUL Programs

After being prepared for The Journey through Activation and Field Attunement, we delve into the work of healing ourselves so that we can be clear to serve on a high level. 

In the first program, Mystic Training, you will learn how to navigate the energetic fields of your being and receive tools and knowledge on how to troubleshoot  the energy systems of yourself and others.

Next, in The Psyche System, you will learn about the structure of the psyche as the foundation of all suffering as a human. You will learn how to track on the content within your psyche system to create freedom where you have been trapped in separation, illusion, and angst. This allows your higher self to reside within you.

Lastly, you will be taken through a journey into the multidimensional fields within you.  

This course corrects the separation that has had us living in duality and restores you back into your unified state as a multi-dimensional being.

As you move up through the dimensions you will use the tools that you have learned to heal the weaknesses of each of the dimensions of experience. 

This will allow you to awaken the strengths of each of these dimensions within you, allowing you to step into your mastery as a human and a true avatar for your divine selves. 

This empowers you to serve as a field tender of the physical dimensions for yourself and others.

Why so much preparation to serve?

Even Jesus trained in ancient mysteries for 10 years before he began to serve in a wider way.   Take the time that is required to develop your self as a teacher and healer.

A Self Mastery Deck with Which to Track Yourself is available in Each Course

There are card decks that go with the Holy Vessel, Mystic training, and The Tree of Life Field Awakening Courses come with a related Self Mastery deck. These decks allow you a way to be in communication with your higher self and the divine about what is yours to do and keeping you informed and directed. Also working with these integrates the interfaces of existence disseminated in each course.

Mystic Training

Learn True Discernment and Healing

This 6 week journey Starts July 2, 2019. on Tuesdays

  • Teaches you how to access true discernement in life which makes you unmessable with! When you can see the higher truth in each circumstance, you can no longer be manipulated or deceived
  • Practice using the tools you receive to clear yourself and others so that you can really integrate into a new way of being in the world
  • Teaches you how to track and troubleshoot the multidimensional fields of yourself and others
  • Gives a multitude of tools which you can use to clear yourself and others of blockages on every level of being
  • Awakens your intuitive senses of listening through sight, sound, and sentience so that you can truely live in partnership with yourself as you are designed

I feel like it’s my life purpose to help with this work as much as possible. I literally used to pray for this as a small child. It’s so important. 

Doing this work has been all I cared about my entire life and having it start to manifest in a new Goddess lineage through Molly and to be able to participate is literally the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. 

Thank you Molly for making it possible.

Nicole Bedy

Non Profit Fundraiser, Kabbalist

Why is life so hard?

We are in a training ground my friends. Our content, wounds, and programming are the direct access to our awakening and mastery if we take the opportunity to engage with ourselves in time in the past and in the future and tend to ourselves.  To allow our future self to tend to us.

All time is now.  We have access to ourselves throughout all of time and this access and engagement is what allows us to awaken. Through the Psyche Tracking Journey we can learn how and take the time necessary to do this.

Take the time to learn how to live in alignment with life and your highest path.

The Psyche System

This 3 month journey:

  • Empowers you to complete your past by tending your younger self so that you can be truly free from what has constrained you.
  • You tend and clear the space in which your spirit is meant to reside
  • Teaches you to navigate the structure of the Human Psyche System
  • Awakens compassion and awareness that we are all in this together
  • Reveals the mirror of self that is our holograpic interface with our experience of “reality”
  • A self psychology you can use to track incompletions within yourself

“Molly’s in depth & comprehensive program will change your life forever.

I have learned, grown, healed and expanded more than I could’ve hoped for and I recommend this program for anyone interested and ready to comprehend the Universe and all of Creation and your part in it.

If you resonate, go for it! You won’t regret it :).”

Lauren Laken


The Tree of Life Field Awakening

This 6 month journey

  • Births you out of the fallen world of separation back into Eden where we live consciously as the expression of the multiplicity of self.
  • Opens the dimensional levels of your field so you come online as your distinct lineage of indentites
  • Discover your unique capacities of being on each dimension
  • Paint in Partnerhip with each of your dimensional selves to integrate and inform who you are and what you are here to do

Thanks Molly. I appreciate you and all your hard work. 

Immediately I feel more at ease in this place, much more supported, my energy feels like it is moving and positive as apposed to blocked and forced like it has been for years and years- possibly my whole life… it’s actually amazing already.

I feel like my gift to humanity was delivered and I have to wait to see how it grows to make it grow into fruition…like it was set in motion….now wait…

Thank you again sweet lady.

Julie Masters

Optometrist, Mystic and Kabbalist

Learn to live in a natural way, listening for alignment.  

Once you are clear and connected, you come online as alignment itself.  

Listen in about taking this Journey for yourself. 

Do you feel the alignment? 

 Is it yours to do?  

Learn more about each component of The Journey by clicking the header in each section or seeing more information below. 

Dimensional Field Activation

Corrects a major source of disconnection within the self. Activates your full potential for mastery of the physical and spiritual realms. Your destiny is super-charged—like a cosmic kick in the pants. This is a major key to gaining access to partnership with the rest of you—giving you access to the fruits of your spirit and inner wisdom.

Mystic Training

A 6-week intensive in which you will learn how to use your natural intuition to navigate your inner realms and receive powerful and effective tools for clearing blockages so that you can free yourself and create the life you want.


The Tree of Life Field Awakening

In this 6 month intensive you will be transformed to live as your best and highest self in alignment with what is yours to do.

You will be ascended out of the fallen world of separation and into your original unified state.

The dimensions within you will be  unlocked and your lower self integrated into your higher self.


Field Attunement

The Field Attunements make available the levels of heaven available within you while you are still in the physical, the ultimate in the HUMAN experience is to live as the conscious Avatar for your multidimensional higher self.

The Holy Vessel Attunement

Get access to your eternal wisdom!  Get support for what you are here to deliver to the world.

In this attunement you are scaffolded into Higher levels of field so that you can expand yourself up into it over time. You get related to the Family of One, the being of the whole of existence that expresses through you.


Cosmic Mother Attunement

Become a Priestess of the Cosmic Mother, the feminine being that holds all of manifest existence in her field. In this, you become a field-tender and gain access to incredible energy to heal and serve at a higher level.