The Shadow

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Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will open to you.

Seeking deeply, the answers came.

In early 2013 I was frustrated and hopeless about the state of the human condition. I was struggling and seeking answers. I was angry. I remember calling out to God for answers; Why are we like this? Why are we so stuck in our bullshit that we can’t even see how screwed up we are and are completely powerless over the patterns that rule our world.  Why would you create a bullshit system where we suffer so much?  Why? I thought it was created this way and I just didn’t get why God would want us to suffer.

Soon after this I had a dream where I was shown very clearly that the human wasn’t created that way.   That actually, the shadow was an adaptation by the human that created the shadow not an original feature of the human.  It was not a feature of the original design.

In the beginning, we lived in peace, we accepted ourselves, we were present to our nature that we were part of life.   Over time, enculturation happened.   As cultures grew, one would have an authentic anger experience occur and be expressed, and culture would say no, that’s not okay, you can’t do that.  It was made wrong and unacceptable by society.  Literally, in order to survive we had to adapt.  We had to put the anger (shame, lust, fear) somewhere because we couldn’t own it.

Thus, our authentic response was split off and it became our shadow, a root of separation that sits in our central core, separating us from our experience of ourselves as divine beings.  It has branches that are uniquely placed around our chakra system. It does not fit neatly within our energy systems, because it is not a natural part of us, but an adaptation.  There is a root, anchored into the central core, it can be removed.

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