A painting described by the text in the blog post

The Story of Lilith Being

A note from the Medium; Molly Indura: “While I’m painting it. It’s completely a mystery unfolding for me. It’s truly miraculous the stories that are revealed in them and written about later. The stories stay consistent but are told from another perspective when you turn it to another view.”

Painting described in the blog post

A1 Predrawing on Back of Canvas

The preparation of the painting is setting the field. This drawing on the back of the painting is visualizing the time story of re-do’s done by The Holy Goddess of All; Lilith.  It spans all of the  relevant time stories that threaded into the fallen world that came out of the original lifetime with Lilith; Her original person (in this Human Race of this planet, in this universe) and Adom; the first man. It includes the Lifetimes of Yeshua and Mary, and Isis and Osiris and this lifetime of Molly’s in the various rounds of them all with corrections being given now. The rounds are the ways that we can live a better life by taking back the choices we made that hurt ourselves and others, and choosing to give the love that had been unlived. 

As described in the blog

A2 His Price to Pay

Superman, saving the day like he’s not the one who caused the split in the first place.  Hero syndrome.

Jesus says while I’m writing this, “Even now you don’t know what to say to make it okay. it’s not okay at all.  Not at all. It never will be.  It’s a game that we plan to give up some day.”  It’s still so hard for Him to tell this story and to see all that He didn’t before. He ignored the gun pointing him in the face through the realms. He was haunted by the face of Goddess, the image echoing in his cape as she stared in horror at what he had done, ripping apart existence into duality.  Before her eyes the peaceful One Heart became two hearts, one with a sword stabbed into it and the other with thorns crowning it. All from his choice to leave Her first person; Lilith in His first human life as Adom. The birth of this fallen world still in Her right eye because it’s Her body in which we All live, breathe, and have our beings.  As Yeshua, He didn’t connect the dots of why the price He paid was His to pay. The many earlier rounds of His holiest life looked as human as any other life and the life we know as perfect today was corrected in current time by our spirit team of Lilith, holding The Holy We, who united by Her Holy Spirit as one being in the physical and spiritual dimensions is known as Fatima; whome is: The Holy Father and The Holy Mother through all time space and dimensions. 

As described in the blog


The Holy Goddess tends to the children now and wipes their noses and guides them to the right thinking if we ask.

We forgot who we were to each other.  The path of separation was paved by His choice to play out superiority, oppression and domination. That is what we have been in since he; Adam, left Lilith.

She had to come into this alternate reality with him but she was, bitter because it wasn’t the choice she made when she created the optimal Garden of Eden; a paradise for us to live in.

He put us all into an alternate reality that then had to be played out. 

The Mother of All, left us in this wasted reality that he created with his own will, alone.  It was His mess. 

But now she has been called back into it to set it right.  As she tells it, “I had forgotten they were my children when the split happened. They were his kids. But he’s my kid too and since I was the only one to play Eve, I was forced into the role and felt like a jealous step-mother, forced to care for someone else’s children and they all make huge messes because of the nature they were born into was fractured. They didn’t know how to tend to a new reality and I abandoned him when he left. He wanted to be on his own and to do it his way so I let him.  Since he left and didn’t want to be with Me, I was like you’re not mine, go f yourselves with murder, diseases, war and pestilence and famine. I cursed my own step children. I didn’t just leave them to it. 

But I hold the whole existence and he forgot that. I am still pissed about it. I would and have uncreated the choices but I’m still hurt by His choice to leave my paradise I created for us. 

Fuck, I created Him to love me and He rejected me. I am still devastated by it all. And “all those” kids who don’t even know me or that there even is a True Mother Goddess, it breaks my heart. And what He did to her, and these kids is obscene and horrific. It’s been a lot to get through, honestly and yes, I’ve been bitter (Mary means bitter, so does Molly) having to give the Sun of God to this reality when they don’t really deserve it at all is true mercy. And I haven’t been in the right mind until now to clean it all up. All this shit the dog left on the floor. Because that’s what he is in this reality, a fucking dog!  So here I am now, back and cleaning Up His and His kid’s terrible decisions.”

As shown by the sour face of the bird face above the child’s head, She as The Holy Spirit is pissed to have to clean up all of his violence and the effects of arrogant thinking that pretend one can cherry pick what is okay and what is not.

As shown by the little golden hand picking the drop🩸 that puts the blood on their head’s and prayer hands. Which from the reverse view is the Holy Yoni flower and womb they control and legislate. The womb which miraculously brings spirit into a physical body.  The Holy Yoni has been perverted by labeling it and her a “cunt” and thinking of her as a whore to suit his inability to hold both the mother and the maiden as sacred.

As it’s originally created, all births aligned with love and destiny. This was a mercy that prevented all lives that did things like molest children and abuse women and shoot people. These anomalies all came from those unwanted, unholy and unsanctioned Always the wrong ones who played out the trauma that began after the fall into the Hell hole of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

As, to some of those who claim to be “Christian,” gun violence is okay but abortion isn’t.  This is  shown by the little hand gun penis pointing at the dead child’s head in the painting.  There are three bullet holes. 

Abortions, natural and human initiated are actions that from another perspective, save us all from the kinds of lives that result from a life not meant to be lived. 

When a child is missing the right parents, it causes a disconnect from their true path they were created to live.  Things like autism, downs syndrome, mental illness, and trauma occur in these lives that were never meant to be. The result is often bloodshed and wasted tears. 

This is part of the misunderstanding of one of the missions of Lilith in Her dark self.  She is The creator and The destroyer in all things in the Light and The dark so she is not separate from anything that exists in Her being; Her existence. In fact she also holds The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, ultimately, for us to learn wisdom from all of this suffering in separation. Llilith (the second “l” denoting her lower self in the dark) was commonly demonized for causing nocturnal emissions in men at night. The purpose was to abort the sperm that would have caused these always wrong lives.   So many things are not quite what we thought they were. 

The thinking that all lives are meant to be born, but not supported is the dogma of falsely righteous church goers.  They offer up worthless “thoughts and prayers” when men kill and cause trauma and hurt others. It’s ironic that the lives they pretend to be saving turn on them. 

From the side view you can see the Goddess Lilith is with the mind of the child. 

A face in the head of the  green penis is a personality endowment with a mind primarily used and often at the expense of woman.  

I see the mouth of a sleeping child and a cocked pistol 🔫 pointing right at it. Representing the violence of the male with his genitals on babies. It’s not the guns that kill people and it’s not the penis that molests. It’s the man pulling the triggers. 

I had a vision of the way man thinks about the rape of a baby, they have a delusion that the baby wants it because they have a strong sucking reflex. But it was put there for their thriving and survival and not for giving men blow jobs.  The way it occurred in my vision was so innocent and completely missing the impact on the person they used solely for their own selfish desires being met. They rationalized it away like it was mutual somehow because this sweet innocent let them do it and if they participated in it meant they were doing something that was okay in any way. It’s complete denial and delusional thinking. The life that is destroyed when this happens actually matters. 

I have had memories of being a baby used in this way.   This is not at all an innocent act; it’s quite violent I had passed out, unable to breathe, almost dying in one or two of them. It’s the reason I can hold my breath for so long and have a very tightly controlled gag reflex. 

His delusional thinking that a baby doesn’t remember these traumas or fantasizing that suckling his dick is nurturing a craving of the child’s, is insane and completely baseless in reality. 

A painting described by the text in the blog post

A4 Part 4

The handgun which is superman’s penis is pointing at the dead human child’s head. Humanity held hostage by a small dick wanting to somehow compensate for its lack of true girth, and a girth imagined wider than the actual size as shown by an additional inch or so added to the base of the large green penis with a face in the head and no balls in the upper left quadrant. As my former sexual harassing boss, the creepy Sly dog of Creative Windows in Ann Arbor use to think it was funny to tell me no woman ever complained about his extra inch in a work conversation about something he mis-measured.  

4 Nails of blood are the same color of the gun that is in place of His penis.  

The dead child head on the right; his side; contains the stories of the blood from the gunshots from his penis.  The trails of blood become into nails; curses that follow these violent thinking and actions that have made us think we really have things all figured out but are complete upside down. 

The first nail becomes a hand/dick pinching off the life breath of the child. “I can’t breathe” with your dick in my face harkens to the power tripping that kills off the lives of those he is meant to serve and protect.

Nail 2 is dual.  Blood on the head and hands of those offering, “thoughts and prayers” after each gun massacre. The head of the praying mother is also the nipple feeding the hungry child who is mistakenly thought of as evil for taking her attention and what he thinks of as his breast from him and giving it to the child, who was thought to take the liberties of women.  She in bottom up thinking; a  liberated woman blocking mother’s milk for the sake of independence at the cost of securely attached children. 

Nail 3 In the upper cheekbone is a grieving person turning into the light for comfort her but having erased The Holy Mother as a part of God, only so much comfort was available. Thinking the catholics who worship The Virgin Mary as blasphemous when in reality, cancelling Her as Mother OF GOD is the true blasphemy. 

Nail 4 The coffin is a doorway to the other side.  The deceased reaching out to his grieving mother; but the bloody nail keeps her from believing or praying for it because of religious dogma claiming it’s evil to talk to the dead when in truth, they are still with us, only in a different way. 

More layers of this painting will continue to be added as the story unfolds. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.  This post contains a more detailed story than the posts.  

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