The Life Core Part 1

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Life Core Part 1

Healing the Past by working back through time.

I discovered the Life Core in 2013.  It is a telescoping time interface that lines up with your central core.

The Life Core is an interface with your quantum self.  It allows you to access yourselves where they are in time and give them the assistance they need to do what they need to do, get what they need to get.  For instance, you can speak down through the tube to your three year old and see what she is going through at that age, and tell her what she needs to know.  You can say, “Listen, everything is going to be okay, stand up for yourself, say no when someone wants to do something you don’t feel comfortable with.  Don’t let them tell you you don’t matter.  You matter.  In fact, you are awesome.  You are going to have a great life.”

All the stuff we make up out of what happens as a child, all the wounding.  If you tell them the truth, a lot of the stuff that happened, doesn’t even need to happen.

Speaking to those earlier parts, you can give that earlier self the keys to the universe at the same time.

I realized the instantaneity of creation.   The moment an idea occurs, the full manifestation of it becomes so in the same instance.   If there is a problem, the solution exists, it was created in the same instant.  The moment I stepped out of the garden, I am/we are back and whole and I/we know why and its’ complete.  In the second the wound happens, it is also healed.  All you have to do is know that it already exists and you can pull that to you now.

When we are not able to process and get complete with something, the stuck mental and emotional “pictures” of the event get stuck in our chakras and add to our conception of ourselves and reality.  Because we are feedback loops with creation, these schemas feed into what plays out in our reality, and it is proven true in our experience over and over again.

In this system, there is this long painful time lag, where you have to suffer and heal a trauma that has happened, but if you are finished with healing it, and you speak down to the wound, you really bridge the gap and tell that part of you, you’ve already been through it, you don’t even need to go there.  Just let it go at that age, then it just dissolves it and you get the benefit of having both learned the experience, and having full healing because you disappeared it at the source.

There are other ways to work to heal the past through the Life Core.  These incompletions or events that did not get complete in the past, create streams of mental/emotional/feeling energy that continue to wind forward in time with you.  See the post on Drilling down for more information.

The Life Core also goes up into the future.  Realizing this, I can now presence my full being in the present.

It is best and most gentle to start with the parts of yourself most wounded, and work to refine over time because then you have a foundation of balance and centeredness and lack of subconscious junk that will slap you in the face if you become too awake too quickly.  It is important to be as clear as possible when you wake up.  There will still be more to work with, but it will be easier.

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