Time Tube Part 2 Drilling Down the Emotion, Thought or Feeling

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Time Tube Part 2

Drilling down the Emotion, Thought or Feeling

There are other ways to work to heal the past through the time tube.  These incompletions or events that did not get complete in the past, create streams of mental/emotional/feeling energy that continue to wind forward in time with you.  With your will and intention, you can track the stream of energy down the time tube to completion.  Often it will unwind in a clockwise direction because the wound probably wound forward in a counter clockwise direction, becuase it goes against our nature to move counter clockwise.  When we are aligned with our core, divine self, we naturally move in a clockwise direction.

As you drill old patterns down the time tube to the moment of the wound or the moment something went unprocessed it resolves in that moment, what was being held in place by the static in the energy that created a stuck pattern for you that you have carried forward in your mind as a “ a voice, a feeling and emotion”.  This static is held in place by a stream of energy that holds the reaction to the event or thought that did not get complete.  When this static happens, it contains a thought that often holds it’s own voice with a perspecitve that pipes up with it’s opinions in your mind.  It has a somatic body feeling that may be centered in a certian part of your body.  It has an emotion.  These streams can be accessed through any of these features and you do not need to know all parts of the stream to drill it down to it’s root cause.

For example; there was a guest speaker in my class tonight and she had a slow meandering style to her presentation. I found myself irritated and judging. As I review this moment, I experience a feeling sensation in my body/being. I tap into the stream of feeling that is coiled down my time tube and I follow the sensation down until the feeling gets resolved in the moment of origin.

This resolution of the feeling is the true psychology. It is what allows true wholeness and integration.

These incompletions that happen when we do not fully process an event is the source of all stress and illness in the mind and body. All tension starts with an unresolved emotion that becomes a body feeling and has a mind voice that is unique to it. If you unwind all the anchors of stress in your time tube, you are healed, stress free, awake!

Inner space is a lot like outer space.  As within, so without.  It’s closer than you think. It starts behind your eyes. Feel where your awareness is , I often find mine on the outside of my forehead, and I realize, that’s why its so hard to find peace. I’m not in my self. Literally.

As above so below as within so without as me so me.

I think for most people, when they close their eyes and its so noisy because of all the unresolved moments in their life. I barely remember having a mind so loud that I couldn’t find my “self”space. But it occurs for me now as ultra simple. This immense space of the self is just behind your eyes, bring your floating awareness within, behind the veil of the eyes and find your “self” there.

This is Quantum Therapy that offers true resolution. Results may very based on the ability of the individual to participate.

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