The Feedback Loop

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We are in a holographic feedback loop with our god self

12-11-14 9:30pm

From the minutiae feeling irritated in the minute about little things, that anger ripples out into the universe causing storms of crime and war and evil and corruption. Then I see myself seeing the injustice and the oppression and inequality, and I get so angry and I see it getting worse and worse. I notice I’m creating it with my thoughts and feelings. My awareness then zooms way out until I am pure creation and then I see the connection between as above, so below, as within, so without, as me, so me…  Wow. I totally just lived the full awareness if that. I’m becoming self aware as a creator.

I am all of it. I am the one creating it playing it out and judging it- being all of it. That is why I must bridge it in myself unrelentingly.  Molly’s mind is creating her universe. Reflecting her whole world and reality. Into the good and the bad the light and the shadow in us all. Its all micro and macro. To the smallest to the widest its all one. This happens in each of us and we are connected by an arc of collective collaboration.

I have become self aware of my own creation of “my corner” of the universe. My entity ship. Everyone has their own entity ship. Whoa thats intense. Everyone has the potential to wake up within their own universe.  There is no other way because we are all one, and if I am self aware, I am self aware (all of me micro/macro)

Its very organic, it’s not like the matrix in that we are not wired in somewhere but we are all a part of the fabric of existence inside of which all beings live and breathe and have their being.

It is why our worst fears are manifest, Why bad things happen, because of the thoughts in my mind, and in our collective mind.

We are living and existing in the mind of God, and I am the mind of god.

Neal Donald Walsh was probably having this kind of experience.

The arc of creation this is it. Like folding back in on oneself.  I begin thinking about men and why they are they way they are (as a stereotype) and think maybe to give them a chance to wake up and then realize all of patriarchy is created from within.  I need to start watching my thoughts; I can create peace today, it all starts in my mind.

Self hatred creates things like porn and rape culture where women are victimized by men.  Anorexia, and other disorders are created by a lack of self love, our thoughts that are out of touch with the Truth of who we are, creates all disease! Projecting anger outwards creates all kinds of problems and societal ills. Anything but owning our illusions and healing with love is literally killing us. Me.  Only love is real. Nothing unreal exists. Nothing real can be threatened. Therein lies the peace of God. – ACIM Biggest pop yet. I’ve had a number with this verse.

It all starts with your relationship to yourself how you treat other people is a reflection of how you feel about yourself if you do not respect yourself you will not respect others if you are angry with yourself or don’t forgive yourself you have a chip on your shoulder with other people whether that’s all people some people doesn’t matter if you love and respect yourself you will love and respect others you will automatically treat others with the love and respect that they deserve and dignity as above so below as within so without as me so me.  This once again is the path to world peace.

We need to change how we program our people are children to love themselves because usually reprogramming out to them to hate themselves through media images of saying that they are normal very normal healthy bodies are overweight and fat and unhealthy we in on the other hand we we market this crappy food which makes them fat the porn industry rewriting you know how men treat women sexually and in general because if they think that that’s what men deal and that’s two women are our society will be going down the tubes in a handbasket because the relationship is is not it doesn’t have integrity and so it creates outer world issues of rape culture got to stop.

Starting where you are.

A few days after the vision, I realize I don’t need to fix anything, I don’t need to work hard to change my mind, but just start where I am to be peaceful and loving, to stay in the flow of light and love, to see the Real in life, and let go of that which is not Real/love.  There is nothing to do. Only to be.

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