The Tree of Life 

Field Awakening Journey

Become free to live in the Present, naturally as your Authentic Self Empowered to deliver the Masterpiece you are designed to bring to the World

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Next session starts October 7 for 6 months.


Why Unlock your Dimensional Fields?

  • Unlocks the barriers between your Human and Dimensional selves allowing you to live as the expression your embodied being.

  • So that you can live as the embodied Avatar for your Higher Self
  • Opens you to experiencing yourself as a multi-dimensional being.  This experience continues to open up and integrate over time.

  • Births you out of the fallen world of separation and back into the original state of living in unity with the rest of you.

  • Integrates your lower self into your Higher Self allowing you to live the highest expression of yourself here and now. 

Take the effort to birth yourself as you were designed to be!

Guess what?! We Are Actually Multidimensional Beings of Light!  

We have 12 physical dimensions  of self.  On each of these dimensions we have distinct identities and capacities that we can access and bring on line and be the physical expression of in the our lives. 

What does that make available?  A rich, full, empowering, embodied life in which you live naturally, aligned in each moment with what is yours to do.  Knowing which direction in which to move.

The Journey

This powerful journey within gives you an opportunity, space, time and assistance for you to bring balance to each dimension of your life by tending to the aspects of the Divine within you.  

This allows you to be ready to ascend into the next level of your consciousness making those Fruits of Spirit available to you in your life. 

In this course, there are two Live Session per week

In the first we explore the areas of life referenced in each level and have it opened in your field. 

In the second session, we will journey within to experience the dimension and spiritual environment of that dimension. You will claim the energies, symbols, messages and images that support you in living your best life. 

Then you will work in partnership with this part of yourself to paint these gifts. 

The painting embodies the energy of that part of self and supports you in integrating that relationship over time. 


Activating Your Field

Each session there will be activations to transform your field, unifying the as above with the so below and as within, so without.

Expanding into the Field

We expand into each layer of the field and experience it and who we are at each level. You will remain there and carry these levels with you, integrating into more conscious awarenesses more and more over time.

This program is for you if:

You're Curious

Have you always been curious about what is yours to be and do in the world?​

You Have the Desire

If you have a desire to break out of the fallen world and return to your experience of Unity while living in the physical, this program is for you.

You're Willing

If you are willing to look at yourself and go in to do the inner work needed to become free. If you do not clean out your psyche first, when you get access to your full power and capacity to create, you would create chaos out of your incompletions. The only safe way to do it is to do the inner work that ensures you can create purely and not out of the past. This takes discipline.

 Unlock Your Dimensional Selves and Capacities!

6 Month Journey

Starting October 2019 Space is Limited.  Save your spot now! 

2 Bi-weekly classes on Tuesday and Wednesday every other week. The first session is the teaching and the second session is the Painting Journey that you will have the rest of the two weeks to complete and integrate. 

Monthly installment plans available. 

“Angel Number 1268 encourages you to step into your own power in every way.”

Investment value: $1,268 

This is a donation based program. $Donation amount according to your individual calling and equity. 


  • Opening access to your dimensional fields

  • Guided Painting Journeys

  • Integrate your lower self into your higher self

  • Expand into your full multidimensional field

  • Meet and Paint your multidimensional self and field, and more…

Step 1:

The Dimensional Field Activation

An individual session in which your Dimensional Fields are activated. Unifies your field over time.

Step 2:

The Holy Vessel Attunement

Become integrated with the Family of One within and receive more support and power to do your work in the world.  

Step 3:

The Tree of Life Field Awakening Journey

12 weekly teachings, journeys, ascensions and paintings to activate your divine self.

Step 4:


Multidimensional activation and full self-embodiment that will continue to unfold over time as you integrate.