What will your vision show you?

This was painted for my Paint the Change workshop.

In the vision where I have fulfilled the intention of living my purpose, these are the symbols and images that appeared to me and hold the energy for the attainment of my intention

As my archetypal self I had wings and a white dress, symbolizing my connection with the angelic realm and Brother/Sisterhood of Light. I handed me a book that poured white light into me. As I painted the book, I realized, I am the one that is writing the story of my life in partnership with my I AM presence.

There was a white spotted owl on my arm, which is a totem that supports spiritual wisdom and clairvoyance.

There was an apple tree and apple blossoms apple trees symbolize knowledge as well as the choice of duality.

While painting, I received the flying house with a heart, the house is a symbol of the soul and it has wings, I believe this is about walking between the worlds.
There is no clear horizon line representing no clear boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds.

I also received the OM symbol on the throat for speaking spiritual truth.

This painting is a physical placeholder for my intention in the world and will support me in manifesting it in my life.

Are you going to come paint your life into being with me? 🙂

The details:

Gather with like minded souls to “Paint the Change” you wish to see in your life.  We will set the stage for you to transform something that is no longer working for you, what ever that is, and walk you through creating a painting that will serve as a talisman for the healing and transformation of that in your life.  As you paint your intention, everything that is in the way of manifesting that intention will come up and be processed, clearing the way for you to be or have what you desire.  It is a healing process.  The final painting then, literally holds the energy of that transformation and will support you as you go forward in your life.

Please join me on a regular basis to step by step, transform your life!  I will guide you in the painting process so that you feel held and supported, don’t worry about that.  Just bring an open heart and willingness to explore the healing process of painting the change you wish to see.

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